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Mares, David R., and David Scott Palmer. Power, Institutions and Leadership in War and Peace: Lessons from Peru and Ecuador, 1995-1998. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2012.

(JZ6385 .M35 2012)
In January of 1995, an armed struggle broke out between military forces of Ecuador and Peru over a disputed section of remote land in the Amazon. This is the first book to relate this complex dispute to broader theories of why countries conflict over land borders.

Newson, Linda A. Life and Death in Early Colonial Ecuador. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

(F3721.3 .P76 N49 1995)
Provides unique maps of the distributions of ethnic groups on the Sierra, Coast, Orient, the Otavalo Region and the Quito Basin during the Spanish Conquest. It also discusses demographics such as population decline, textile mills, and labor during the sixteenth century.

Pineo, Ronn. Ecuador and the United States : Useful Strangers. Athens: The University of Georgia Press, 2007.

(E183.8.E2 P56 2007)
While giving a history of foreign relations between Ecuador and the United States, it’s also a case study of how a small, determined country has taken advantage of its resources while dealing with a world superpower. From independence in the 1850s, the Cold War in Ecuador, to democratization and neoliberalism in the 1980s, the book examines the misunderstandings and controversies from the U.S. perspective with often unintended consequences that have sometimes arisen in relations between the two countries.

Spindler, Frank MacDonald. Nineteenth Century Ecuador: An Historical Introduction. Fairfax: George Mason University Press, 1987.

(F3736 .S64 1987)
Spindler provides a survey based on archival investigations from the U.S., Colombia and Ecuador. He describes Ecuador’s nineteenth century political struggles between liberals and conservatives. Includes illustrations from the Library of Congress.

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