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On the nature of Christ.88

For there is no need, to persons of intelligence, to attempt to prove, from the deeds of Christ subsequent to His baptism, that His soul and His body, His human nature89 like ours, were real, and no phantom of the imagination. For the deeds done by Christ after His baptism, and especially His miracles, gave indication and assurance to the world of the Deity hidden in His flesh. For, being at once both God and perfect man likewise, He gave us sure indications of His two natures:90 of His Deity, by His miracles during the three years that elapsed after His baptism; of His humanity, during the thirty similar periods which preceded His baptism, in which, by reason of His low estate91 as regards the flesh, He concealed the signs of His Deity, although He was the true God existing before all ages.


From the Oration on Our Lord’s Passion.92

God has suffered from the right hand of Israel.93


Head of the Lord—His simple Divinity; because He is the Beginning and Creator of all things: in Daniel.95

The white hair of the Lord, because He is “the Ancient of Days: ”as above.

The eyes of the Lord—the Divine inspection: because He sees all things. Like that in the apostle: For all things are naked and open in His eyes.”96

The eyelids of theLord—hidden spiritual mysteries in the Divine precepts. In the Psalm: “His eyelids question, that is prove, the children of men.”97

The smelling of the Lord—His delight in the prayers or works of the saints. In Genesis: “And the Lord smelled an odour of sweetness.”98

The mouth of the Lord—His Son, or word addressed to men. In the prophet, “The mouth of the Lord hath spoken; ”99 and elsewhere, “They provoked His mouth to anger.”100

The tongue of the Lord—His Holy Spirit. In the Psalm: “My tongue is a pen.”101

The face of the Lord—His manifestation. In Exodus, “My face shall go before thee; ”102 and in the prophet, “The face of the Lord divided them.”103

The word of the LordHis Son. In the Psalm: “My heart hath uttered a good word.”104

The arm of the LordHis Son, by whom He hath wrought all His works. In the prophet Isaiah: “And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? ”105

The right hand of the Lord—that is, His Son; as also above in the Psalm: “The right hand of the Lord hath done valiantly.”106

The right hand of the Lordelectio omnis. As in Deuteronomy: “In His right hand is a fiery law.”107

The wings of the Lord—Divine protection. In the Psalm: “In the shadow of Thy wings will I hope.”108

The shoulder of the Lord—the Divine power, by which He condescends to carry the feeble. In Deuteronomy: “He took them up, and put them on His shoulders.”109

The hand of the Lord—Divine operation. In the prophet: “Have not my hands made all these things? ”110

The finger of the Lord—the Holy Spirit, by whose operation the tables of the law in Exodus are said to have been written;111 and in the Gospel: “If I by the finger of God cast out demons”112

The fingers of the Lord—The lawgiver Moses, or the prophets. In the Psalm: “I will regard the heavens,” that is, the books of the Law and the Prophets, “the works of Thy fingers.”113

The wisdom of the LordHis Son. In the apostle: “Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God; ”114 and in Solomon: “The wisdom of the Lord reacheth from one end to the other mightily.”115

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