Answer the following questions with what you see in the movie and the research you did prior to viewing it

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Answer the following questions with what you see in the movie and the research you did prior to viewing it.

1. What political scandals have occurred in your country's history?  How did the media cover these scandals?  What made them controversial?  How did people in your country respond to the scandals?

2. Do you agree that public officials should be judged by their personal behavior (because of how it affects them publicly) or should they just be evaluated on their job performance and what they stand for politically?

3. What do you know about the recent President Clinton scandal? How did the media cover this scandal in your country?  In the US?  What was the outcome of this scandal?

  1. Something similar to the recent Clinton scandal had happened to the president of your country, how would the public and the media have reacted?  

  1. What do you know about other presidential scandals in the US?  Specifically, what do you know about the Iran-Contra scandal?  Many Americans think that the Iran-Contra scandal involved one of the most serious offenses of an American president.  If you do not know anything about this scandal, why might that be?

  1. How does the media influence politics in your country?  In the US?

  1. What do you know about Watergate?


Make sure you know the meaning of each of the following words and acronyms related to Watergate.  For each one, write a brief definition in English.

  1. White House "plumbers"

  2. slush fund money

  3. the GOP

  4. CRP

Find the answers to each of the following questions. 

  1. What incident began the political scandal known as Watergate?   When did it take place?



  • Who are Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein?   What was their role in uncovering the Watergate scandal?



  • How did Watergate affect politics and journalism?



  • Who was Deep Throat?  What role did he play in the unveiling of Watergate?



  • Each of the following people was a key player in the Watergate scandal.   What was each person's role in the Watergate scandal?  How was each person punished?

  • How did the Washington Post have a special relationship with the Watergate scandal?



  • Scan each of the following articles about Watergate and answer the questions:

"GOP Security Aide among Five Arrested in Bugging" (6/9/72)
(This was the first article to appear in Post about Watergate.)

  • What happened to the $25,000 cashier's check that was supposed to be used for Nixon's re-election campaign?


"Mitchell Controlled Secret GOP Fund" (9/29/72)

  • What was John N. Mitchell responsible for? 

  • How did he feel about the Post publishing this story?

"FBI Finds Nixon Aides Sabotaged Democrats"

  • How did the Watergate bugging incident begin?

  • What had Nixon's campaign contributions been set aside for?   What was the money used for?

"Judiciary Committee Approves Article to Impeach President Nixon 27 to 11"

  • Why did the committee approve impeaching Nixon?

  • Why was this so shocking?

  • What agencies did Nixon misuse for his own political purposes?

Identify the speaker and scene of each of the following lines in All the President's Men:

  • "Can you tell me why your name and address was in the address books of the burglars at Watergate?"


  • "People aren't talking, and it's the way they're not talking that's unnatural."



  • "We're stuck.  The story has stalled on us."


  • "That should tell you a lot."


  • "The trick is not minding."


  • "Forget the myths that the media has created about the White House.  These guys are not too bright."


  • "Things have gotten out of hand."


  • "Follow the money."


  • "Everyone is involved."


  • "I never worked for Sloane or Stans."


  • "Did you know it was this kind of money?"


  • "I can't be positive that it [the money] was used for the break-in."


  • "The list was destroyed."


  • "How were the people paid out?"


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