Answer: pufferfish or blowfish or fugu

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(r) A plan named after these creatures involved the relocation of displaced Jews post-World War II to Asia. These animals, which produce tetradotoxin, or TTX, were said to be one of the main ingredients in voodoo to turn people into zombies. Unlike the blue-ringed octopus, who produce TTX neurotoxin in their salivary glands,* these fish contain the most TTX in their liver and ovaries and not in their very elastic stomachs. FTP, name this fish or its eponymous dish which is served in only 17 restaurants in the US, cannot be consumed by the emperor of Japan, and which almost did in Homer J. Simpson in part due to Mrs. Krabappel’s promiscuity.


(np) Historian Fang Xiao-Ru defiantly refused to write this emperor’s inaugural address. His name means “perpetually jubilant” and his succession saw the horrific massacre of the ten agnates. He commissioned one of the earliest encyclopedias and is credited with designing the famous Porcelain Tower of Nanjing. Legend has it that when advisors pointed out the vulnerability of his palace to cannon fire, he moved the capital of China to Beijing. FTP, identify this Ming Emperor who sponsored the maritime voyages of Zheng-He.

Emperor Yongle or Zhu Di

Eyes are referenced repeatedly, eyes "I dare not meet in dreams", or "there are no eyes here/ in this valley of dying stars", rising in the fourth stanza "in death's twilight kingdom". Its second epigraph, "A Penny for the old guy", is a reference to the Gunpowder Plot and the memory of Guy Fawkes, who died with the whimper mentioned in the last line. An effigy of Fawkes, serves as the central image, in, FTP, what modernist poem about the passage into death, a poem of T.S. Eliot?

A: The Hollow Men
(S) It can be derived from Navier-Stokes by simplifying to the Euler equation, integrating over space, and assuming steady flow. Originally applicable for only frictionless fluids of uniform density, it can also be stated as static pressure plus dynamic pressure equals total pressure. It is used to justify, frequently erroneously, many phenomenon, including curving baseballs and lift. FTP, give this eponymous equation, a restatement of conservation of energy for fluids.

Answer: Bernoulli equation
(S)He published his first story, The Hades Business, when he was 13, earning enough to buy a typewriter. From there he went to release his first novel, The Carpet People, while a journalist in 1971. But he was thrust into the public spotlight with the release of The Colour of Magic in 1983, beginning a series now consisting of 36 books. However, a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2007 threatens to prematurely end his literary career. FTP, name this British author most famous for his Discworld series of novels.

Answer: Terry Pratchett
(S)The premature birth of Langdon and the author’s wife’s serious bout of typhoid impaired his ability to write this work. Convinced it would be a flop, he did some unusual things in the work, including alternating first and third-person and out-of-place letters about Hawaii from his first travel writer assignment in 1866. Published in 1872, it details the author’s adventures following his brother, the Secretary of the Nevada Territory, to Virginia City in 1861. Released as a companion to Innocents Abroad, FTP, name this Mark Twain novel of the American West.

Answer: Roughing It
(np) It was issued on the same day as “Quanta Cura,” which expressed many of the same sentiments. Propositions 15 through 18 dealt with indifferentism and latitudinarianism, while its fourth proposition attacked the notion that “reason is the ultimate standard by which men can and ought to arrive at the knowledge of all truths.” In short, this bull denounced the belief that “the Roman pontiff can, and ought to, reconcile himself, and come to terms with progress, liberalism, and modern civilization.” FTP, identify this controversial pronouncement by Pope Pius IX in 1864.

Tbe Syllabus of Errors or Syllabus Errorum
(S) Its name comes from the Arabic phrase meaning “foot of the central one”. Located near the equator, it is a Class B making it useful for navigation. It is approximately 800 light-years away and is a visual binary star with its binary also a binary. The most luminous star in our region of the Milky Way, it is classified as a beta star. However, it is usually brighter than the alpha star, Betelgeuse. FTP, name this star, the brightest in the constellation Orion.

Answer: Rigel
Chromatistes, a moderate aristocrat, is responsible for the invention of colored paint, which quickly destroys social boundaries and is suppressed. Rain always comes from the north, and gravitational attraction pushes toward the south. The highest class is the priests, who have so many edges that they become almost circular. Subtitled A Romance of Many Dimensions, FTP, name this Victorian Satire by Edwin A. Abbott, narrated by A. Square, who goes on a journey assisted by a mysterious Sphere.

A: Flatland
In the second battle, the reinforcements led by Domitius Calvus were destroyed in the Ionian Sea, and a legion had to be sent to Achaia to forage. Despite the capture of one of the enemy camps in the previous battle by Marcus Valerius Corvinus, the battle switched to a north/south axis along the Via Egnatia. As the army of the triumvirs was not depleted, a final attack was made three weeks after the first. Ending with the suicide of Brutus, FTP, name this last battle of the war against the assassins of Caesar, where Antony and Octavian defeated Brutus and Cassius in 41 BC.

A: Battle of Philippi
The narrator claims his generation has become "heirs of the cold war", inherting the troubles of the past and wanting to leave. Despite his situation, he's listened to preachers, fools, and "dropouts/ who make their own rules". Even though he's unstable, he envisions a positive future for society, wanting "to learn how to love/ and forget how to hate". FTP, name this second track off of Blizzard of Ozz, which had Ozzy Osbourne "going off the rails" in a 1981 hit.

A: Crazy Train
(np) This painting was probably completed in April of 1885 at the home of the sexton Schafrat. Ugly models were deliberately selected to pose for the painting, since the artist wished to emphasize human squalor. A lamp hangs above the central figure, who has her backed turned to the viewer. The women to her right pours tea, while three others eat tubers at a table. FTP, identify this painting by Vincent van Gogh depicting a group of peasants at meal time.
The Potato Eaters
(S)St. Juliana motivated its creation in the 13th century, as she petitioned Bishop Robert de Thorete to confirm it as a holy day in 1246. Since Holy Week is supposed to be a time of sadness, it is held in the US on the Sunday following Trinity Sunday, even though Maundy Thursday celebrates the same event. FTP, name this Catholic feast day which celebrates the Holy Eucharist, literally the “Body of Christ”.

Answer: Corpus Christi
Founded in 1793 by John Simcoe, it was intended to be the future capital and was thusly named. However, its location in the middle of a large forest put a stop to that plan and the capital was relocated to Toronto. The seat of Middlesex County, it contains one of the largest urban marshlands, Sifton Bog, and its proximity to Lakes Huron and Erie causes extensive thunderstorms. Home to the University of Western Ontario despite being in Southern Ontario, FTP, name this Canadian city, also located on the river Thames.

Answer: London, Ontario
One story about its first creation says it was made for a group of aviators who were in a hurry, while another claims it was made for Hollywood stars after an all-night party. The most famous claims that the eponymous Cordini made in in Tijuana after his stocks were depleted in his hotel's Fourth of July rush in 1924. Usually dressed with a mixture of pepper, lemon juice, egg, Worchestershire sauce, and olive oil, FTP, name this dish made with parmesan cheese, croutons, and Romaine lettuce.

A: Caesar Salad
It also names a CIA thriller by Brian Garfield. The last 99 chapters are "expendable" .The main character returns home to meet his conformist friend Traveler, after spending the first half in Paris with his Uruguayan girlfriend, "La Maga", and her child Rocamadour. Centered around the adventures of the Argentine expatriate Horacio Oliveira, name, FTP, this 1963 novel, the best-known work of Julio Cortazar.

A: Hopscotch (or Rayuela)
(r) This chemical is responsible for mazukus, the kiswahili word for “evil wind,” where it accumulates low to the ground as a gas. C. Kumar N. Patel could have slowly heated Whitecastle burgers using a laser that utilizes it that he invented in 1964 with a wavelength between 9.4 and 10.6 micrometers.* Thousands have died from the chemical at Lake Monoun and Lake Nyos from limnic eruptions. FTP, name this linear, nonpolar molecule essential for photosynthesis that caused an April Fool’s Day beer explosion that almost killed Homer Simpson and that is responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Answer: _CARBON DIOXIDE_ or _CO2 (C-O-TWO)_
His prime minister, Chanakya, author of the Arthashastra, architected his early reign, where he overcame the Macedonian satraps and, allied with the Himalayan king Parvatka, destroyed the dominant Nanda Empire before coming into contact with the Seleucids. Their conflict was inconclusive and settled via marriage, which allowed him to concentrate on conquering Southern India. Predecessor of Bindusara and grandfather of Ashoka, FTP, name this Indian ruler, founder of the Mauryan empire and uniter of most of the Indian Subcontinent.

A: Chandragupta Maurya
(J)He was known as Oneiros to the ancient Greeks, Kai’ckul to the peoples of prehistoric Africa, and L’Zoril to the Martians, and also goes by the monikers “Lord Shaper”, “prince of stories”, and “monarch of the sleeping marches”, among many others. He and his six alliteratively named siblings came into being with the first lifeforms, and will cease to exist only when the last living thing in the universe perishes. Once every century, he meets with the six hundred-year-old Hob Gadling at a London pub for a drink. FTP, name this grim lord of the world of dreams, the protagonist of his own self-titled ten-part comic series by Neil Gaiman (GY-muhn).

A. The Sandman (also accept Dream or Morpheus)
He received his first graduate degree for a thesis about Plotinus entitled “Neo-Platonism and Christian Thought.” As a young man, he sympathized with anarchist thought and wrote in periodicals like Solidaridad Obrera, before joining the French Communist Party in 1935. While living in France he completed a famous four-part essay on suicide, before returning to Oran, Algeria, the setting for his novel The Plague. FTP, identify this existentialist philosopher, the author of The Myth of Sisyphus and The Stranger.
Albert Camus

(c) Warning: clue may contain substances hazardous to your health! Ok, not really, but how well do you know your Material Safety Data Sheets? Name the hazardous term from its definition, FTPE.

a) “...causes visible destruction of, or irreversible alterations in, living tissue by chemical action at the site of contact.”

Ans: corrosive, corrosiveness, corrosivity

b) “...causes statistically significant tumor incidence in experimental animals after prolonged inhalation exposure, repeated skin application, or oral dosages.”

Ans: carcinogenic, carcinogen

c) “...has a median lethal dose of 50-200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight or a median lethal concentration in air of 200 parts per million by volume”;

Ans: toxic, toxin
(np)Identify the following works of Leo Tolstoy, FTPE.

1) This novel centers on the affair of the titular character with Count Vronsky. It ends with her suicide at a train station.

Anna Karenina

2) This novella recounts the decline of a judge’s health and the comfort he receives from his servant Gerasim.

The Death of Ivan Ilych

3) Written like a fable, this short story ends with the death of a man who tries to acquire property from Bashkirs.

How Much Land Does a Man Need?
Name these battles from the American Civil War, FTPE:

1. Also known as the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing, this battle was fought on April 6-7, 1862. The Confederates under Albert Sydney Johnston won on the first day, but were driven back by Grant reinforcing Buell the next.

A: Battle of Shiloh

2. The battles to take this city-under-siege are normally separated into battles of Ezra Church, Peachtree Creek, and Bald Hill.

A: Atlanta

3. This battle, fought on March 7-8, 1862, between forces commanded by Curtis and Van Dorn, effectively cemented Union control of Missouri.

A: Battle of Pea Ridge
(G) Let’s see if you know what ages you at the molecular level, FTPE:

This term includes oxygen ions, free radicals, and peroxides.

Reactive oxygen species (be generous)

This reactive oxygen molecule is paramagnetic with the chemical formula O2-


This enzyme protects the cell from the destructive powers of the superoxide by converting it to oxygen and hydrogen peroxide

SOD or superoxide dismustase

(np)FTPE, identify these Shakespearean works from famous quotations. Macbeth

1) FTP, “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!”
2) “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

The Tempest

3) “I cannot tell what the dickens his name is…”

The Merry Wives of Windsor
Answer these interesting facts about the career of Emmitt Smith, FTPE:

1. Emmitt finished his career record-hunting for this perenially futile team in the NFC West.

A: Arizona Cardinals (accept either)

2. Emmitt was the MVP for the Dallas Cowboys in this Super Bowl, where he rushed for 132 yards and two touchdowns. The Cowboys beat the Bills 30-13.

A: Super Bowl XXVIII

3. Another record, besides most yards in a career, that Smith holds is the most rushing attempts total. Within ten percent, how many times did Smith rush the ball?

A: 4409 (Accept 3970 to 4890
Identify these works of Yukio Mishima, FTPE:

1. This, perhaps Mishima's most famous novel, concerns the psychological problems of the young Mizoguchi and his fascination with the title structure in Japan's transition after World War II.

A: The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji)

2. This, his first novel, is a semi-autobiographical account of a latent homosexual growing up in militaristic society and going to great lengths to stay closeted.

A: Confessions of a Mask (Kamen no Kokuhaku)

3. This short novel by Mishima, published in 1966, deals, in great detail, with the suicide of the army officer Shini Tayekama and his wife.

A: Patriotism (Yukoku)

(S) Identify the Newbery Medal winner from clues, FTPE.

A. She is one of 6 two-time Newbery winners, for her novels Number the Stars and The Giver.

Answer: Lois Lowry

B. This 1999 Newbery winner by Louis Sachar inspired a 2002 play and a 2003 Disney film.

Answer: Holes

C. The Newbery is not without controversy. This 2007 winner by Susan Patron includes the word “scrotum”, sending censors into a frenzy.

Answer: The Higher Power of Lucky
Name these people related to the a French trial, FTPE:

1. This Jewish staff officer was convicted of passing secrets to the German Embassy in Paris and imprisoned on Devil's Island in 1894.

A: Albert Dreyfus

2. The paper used to incriminate Dreyfus has been proven to have actually originated from this infantry officer who had planned to blackmail the German Embassy.

A: Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy

3. "Revision", as the retrial effort aimed for, was resisted by this Minister of War who had originally ordered Dreyfus' arrest.

A: General Auguste Mercier
(np) A lot of people have been proclaimed the Messiah in the past. Identify some of them, FTPE.

1) Tradition holds this man was a carpenter from Galilee and crucified by Roman authorities in Jerusalem. Roughly two billion people claim to be followers of his teachings.

Jesus Christ (accept either, prompt on “Yeshua” or “Yehoshua”)

2) This man led a massive Jewish revolt against Rome from 132 to 135 C.E. and was proclaimed the Messiah by Rabbi Akiva.

Simon Bar-Kochba or Ben Kosba or Ben Kobisa

3) Thousands of Jews called “Sabbateans” accepted this man as the Messiah in the seventeenth century. Most stopped believing he was the Messiah after he converted to Islam.

Sabbatai Zevi or Zvi or Shatz
(J) Name these unlikely subjects for operas F10PE.

1. The opera adaptation of this 1986 cult horror classic is set to debut in September under the leadership of director David Cronenberg. Daniel Okulitch and Ruxandra Donose will make rather strange stand-ins for Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.

A. The Fly

2. The original cast of this 2005 Richard Danielpour work included Rod Gilfry as plantation owner Edward Gaines, and Denyce Graves as the titular slave, who inspired Noble’s painting The Modern Medea and Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved.

A. Margaret Garner

3. This 1733 Vivaldo opera Vivaldi was thought lost until a copy of the score miraculously resurfaced in 2002 in the Berlin Singakademie library. The character of the titular emperor is the only role scored for the normal male range; the parts of Hernan Cortés (called Fernando in the opera)and others are all written for soprano castrati.

A. Motezuma (do NOT accept “Montezuma” or “Moctezuma”)
(Marc) Identify these elementary bosons FTSNOP:

a. For 5: This massless particle (or is it a wave) forms light and other electromagnetic radiation.


b. For 10: This boson interacts with quarks and gives rise to the strong nuclear force, binding protons and neutrons in the nucleus.


c. For 5 each: Identify the three elementary bosons responsible for the weak nuclear force.

W+, W-, and Z(0)
(c) FTPE, Answer some questions about “science” that you probably wouldn’t find on a typical Biology, Chemistry, or Physics exam:

a) Written and directed by Michel Gondry, this French film explores the life of a man who falls in love with his neighbor and dwells constantly on the events of his mundane life through wildly vivid dreams.

Ans: The Science of Sleep, La Science des Rêves

b) Published in 1910, this Wallace D. Wattles work met widespread success as a financial self-help book, and eventually became an inspiration for Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Copies of it are available online for free, but you could buy it on if you’re feeling improvident.

Ans: The Science of Getting Rich

c) With a projected release date of June 24, 2008, this latest Hellboy video game features the comic book hero uncovering a Nazi plot to take over the world, smashing his way through hordes of enemies, and defeating the evil Herman von Klempt.

Ans: Hellboy: Science of Evil
Identify places on the frequently-protested 2008 Olympic torch worldwide relay, FTPE.

A. It was the first ever visit of the torch to this country, the third to receive it after Greece and China. The torch was taken to Astana Square by 80 torchbearers, including President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Answer: Kazakhstan

B. The torch’s only African stop was in this East African city on the Indian Ocean.

Answer: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

C. Originally the torch relay was planned to include this Asian city between Ho Chi Minh City and Hong Kong, but it was scrapped after the countries could not reach an agreement.

Answer: Taipei, Taiwan
(np) Identify these Greek sculptors, FTPE.

1) He sculpted a statue of Athena for the Parthenon and an enormous statue of Zeus at Olympia.

Phidias or Pheidias

2) Perhaps the first to sculpt life-size female nudes, his Aprhodite of Cnidus and Apollo Sauroktonos survive only in Roman copies.


3) His enormous gold and ivory statue of Hera at the Heraion of Argos is sometimes considered the equal of Phidias’s Zeus.

Polykleitos or Polyclitus
Not all Roman history centers around the Republic and the Julio-Claudians. Name these Emperors from the third century and beyond, FTPE.

1. This last effective long-reigning emperor before the crisis of the middle of the second century won the great civil war of 193 and ruled until 211, succeeded by his sons Caracalla and Geta.

A: Lucius Septimius Severus

2. This Dalmatian emperor, born lower-class, defeated Carinus, son of the previous emperor Carus, to become Emperor in 284. He reoganized the state an divided the empire for more effective government, and established the Tetrarchy.

A: Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian(us)

3. One of Diocletian's Tetrarchs, he defeated or killed the others and ruled from 306-337. He converted to Christianity after winning the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

A: Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus (Constantine)

(J) Name these Aztec deities from clues FTPE.

1. She is traditionally depicted wearing a skirt made of snakes and a necklace threaded with human hearts, hands, and skulls. Her epithets include "mother of the gods", "goddess of life, death, and rebirth", and "lady of the serpent".

2. This son of Coatlicue and twin of Xolotl (Sho-LOH-tul) was revered as the god of the morning star and the inventor of the Aztec calendar, and was also believed to have introduced humankind to corn.

3. According to legend, Coatlicue was once magically impregnated by a ball of feathers that fell into her bosom, prompting her children to attack and decapitate her. The instant she died, this god sprang from her womb fully grown and armed for battle.
Huitzilopochtli (WIT-sil-oh-POTCHT-lee)
(c) Consider the following plant pigments: beta-carotene, xanthophyll, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and anthocyanin. FTPE, which pigment...

a) ...appears the most yellow when separated by paper chromatography?

Ans: xanthophyll

b) ....has the highest Rf value when acetone’s the solvent?

Ans: beta-carotene

c) ....does not play a role in photosynthesis?

Ans: anthocyanin
Name these prominent heresies during the formative years of the Catholic Church, FTPE:

1. This highly dualistic heresy was created in 3rd century Babylon, spread as far as China, and was originally led by its namesake prophet.

A: Manichaeism

2. This sect was defended by Tertullian, who believed the prophecies of its namesake leader; it originated in Phrygia and last until the 7th century.

A: Montanism

3. The core belief of this common heresy was the denial of the divinity and eternal nature of Jesus; it was dominant in many Germanic tribes until being replaced by Catholicism.

A: Arianism
FTPE, identify the following atheist philosophers of the 19th century.
1) This communist thinker claimed that religion “is the opiate of the masses.”

Karl Marx

2) He first announced the “death of God” in The Gay Science.

Friedrich Nietzsche

3) In The Essence of Christianity, he famously argued that God is merely a projection of human qualities.

Ludwig Feuerbach

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