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American Cultures Name_____________________

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Chapter 11: The First World War Period_______
Section 1: WWI Begins (pages 372-380)


  • Identify the long term causes and the immediate circumstances that led to WWI

  • Describe the first two years of the war

  • Summarize U.S. public opinion about the war

  • Explain why the United States entered the war

Causes of WWI

    1. What caused WWI?

    2. What alliances divided Europe?

    3. What diplomatic crisis sparked the war?

The Fighting Begins

    1. What was Germany’s Schlieffen Plan?

    2. What characteristics describe trench warfare during WWI?

Americans Question Neutrality

    1. What motivated those who opposed entering the war?

    2. What motivated those who favored it?

    3. What factors increased American sympathy for the Allies?

The United States Declares War

    1. Why did the German threat to sink all ships in British waters push the United States to declare war?

    2. What did the Zimmerman Note reveal about German intentions?

Section 2: American Power Tips the Balance (pages 381-387)


  • Describe how the United States mobilized for war

  • Summarize U.S. battlefield successes

  • Identify the new weapons and the medical problems faced in WWI

  • Describe U.S. offensives and the end of the war

America Mobilizes

    1. How did the United States raise an army during WWI?

    2. How did the United States increase ship and overall production?

    3. What was the status of African American troops during WWI?

    4. Who were the Harlem Hell Fighters (369th Infantry Division)?

America Turns the Tide

    1. What was the significance of the convoy system?

    2. How did the arrival of the new American troops affect the spirit of Allied troops?

Fighting “Over There”

    1. Who led the American troops in Europe?

    2. What new weapons were used during WWI?

    3. How did medical services respond to the Physical and emotional wounds suffered by the soldiers?

American Troops go on the Offensive

    1. In what key battles did U.S. troops participate?

    2. What made Alvin York a hero?

    3. What causes the collapse of Germany?

    4. How many people died during WWI?

Section 3: World War I at Home (Pages 388-395)


Congress gives the power to Wilson

    1. What was WIB and why was it established?

    2. Who was Bernard m. Baruch?

    3. How did the war affect the U.S. economy?

    4. How did U.S. civilians respond to the war?

Selling the War

    1. How did the government finance the war?

    2. How did the government build support for the war?

Attacks on Civil Liberties

    1. What groups were the main targets of anti-immigrant hysteria during the war?

    2. How did the Espionage and Sedition Acts affect civil liberties in the United States?

The War Encourages Social Change

    1. What was the Great Migration?

    2. What new opportunities did the war offer to women?

    3. What were the effects of the worldwide flu epidemic that erupted during the war?

Section 4: Wilson Fights for Peace (Pages 398-403)


  • Summarize Wilson’s Fourteen Points

  • Describe the Treaty of Versailles and international and domestic reaction to it

  • Explain some of the consequences of the war

Wilson Presents His Plan

    1. What were Wilson’s Fourteen Points?

    2. Why did the Allies reject Wilson’s peace plan?

Debating the Treaty of Versailles

    1. What were the main provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?

    2. What were some of the weaknesses of the Treaty?

    3. How did Americans react to the treaty?

    4. Why did Americans disagree about the League of Nations?

The Legacy of the War

    1. Why did Germany object to the Treaty of Versailles?

    2. How did the war affect Germany?

    3. How did the war affect U.S. power and prestige in the world?

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