Answer Key Catch Me If You Can

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Answer Key Catch Me If You Can
Use complete sentences to answer the following questions.

  1. List and describe scams Frank Abagnale Jr. did until he was caught. How was he able to elude the FBI? Check forgery was his primary scam. He impersonated a teacher, a Pan Am pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. He was good at staying ahead of FBI agents sometimes telling them he was a police officer, since they had no pictures of him.

  2. Are there any precautions in the system today that would prevent Abagnale’s being successful with the scams he perpetrated? Explain your response. Student responses will vary.

  3. Frank Abagnale Jr. was obviously a very intelligent young man, how might he have used his intelligence toward contributing to society? He could have been an attorney, CEO of a corporation since he was a very intelligent person.

  4. Do you believe someone who has made the mistakes Frank Abagnale Jr. made should be given a second chance? Does the fact that he was very young when he started his life of crime affect your decision? Why or why not? Student responses vary.

  5. Abagnale today works for the FBI as one of the best experts in the field of bank fraud. Does this cause you to respect him as you would someone who never committed a crime? Explain. Student responses vary.

  6. Has watching this movie made you aware of some of the scams that take place in society? List several common scams being conducted today. Student responses vary.

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