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. Chinese Law Taught in English Program offered by CESL

Chinese Law Taught in English (CLTE), offered by China-EU School of Law (CESL), will expose

international students to the historical background, transitional nature and developmental

trajectory of Chinese law. Courses aim to provide students with concrete knowledge of Chinese law

as well as with a comparative approach to legal studies. The program will last one semester

CLTE will offer courses on: Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Law, Chinese Law and Society,

Chinese Legal History, Chinese Labour Law, Chinese Business Law, and Chinese Criminal Justice.

New courses on Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Property

Law have been added for 2012.

Twenty-one students from eight countries took part in the first CLTE program. Students visited a

law firm, a prison, attended both a civil and a criminal trial as part of the course.

Program in Brief

One semester, and only offered in fall semester each year.

Total credits: 20

Each credit 18 class hours

Support for transfer of credits

CLTE certificate and transcript awarded by CESL


The Exchange student can use all these libraries, and use the card which

provided by the College of International Studies after registration to borrow



The exchange student could use CUPL sports facilities including: tennis

courts, basketball courts, football pitch, volleyball court, gym, running track,

table tennis and badminton. Your Chinese classmates will also gladly assist

you in discovering all possible sporting facilities.

Facilities in Xueyuan Lu are free of charge and some facilities in Changping

campus charge hourly.


International Law


China-EU School of


The course is free for the students from the CESL partner universities, but Charges if you are

non-CESL-partner* students. (*: )

(The CLTE program fee is 15000RMB per person, and you have to select the program as a


See program description at:

See curriculum at:

See tuition fee at:

Program Contact: Ms. Ma Anna, email:

. Master of Comparative Law (Chinese Law Direction) offered by College of

International Studies

The Program of Master of Comparative Law in the direction of Chinese Law is the first few formal

legal educational programs at the graduate level in China and specially designed for international

students. All courses of this LL.M. program are English-taught, and it provides to the students an

unique opportunity to get insight views of Chinese legal system and the society through close

contacts with Chinese students, legal professionals and common people.


The duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters). Exchange Students can select all courses of

the program, which consists of two types of courses, compulsory and optional.

Courses Arrangement

Compulsory courses 20 credits

No. Course Credit




1 Criminal Justice in China 2 36 Yue Liling

2 Chinese Labor Law 2 36 Hao, Qian

3 Chinese Legal System 2 36 Xie, Libing

4 Criminal Procedure Law 2 36

5 Company Law 2 36 Wang,Yong

6 Chinese Law and Society 2 36 Shan Chun

7 Chinese Constitutional Law 2 36 Huo Zhengxin

8 Chinese Civil Law 2 36 Zheng Jianing

9 Chinese Civil Procedure Law 2 36 Du Wen

10 Chinese Administrative Law 2 36 Zhang Qing

Optional Courses (12 credits)

1 Chinese Securities Law 1 18 Zhu, Weiyi


China’s Contemporary

Politics and Society

1 18 Yan, Ting

3 Chinese Tea Culture 1 18 Sha, Lijin

4 Buddhism in China 1 18 Liang, Boneng

Program in Brief

One semester

Total credits: 14(Autumn Semester), 8(Spring Semester)

Each credit:18 class hours

Program contact: Ms. Wang Fengli (April), email:
. International Law Program offered by International Law School

The International Law Program is a Degree Program offered by the International Law School of

CUPL. The Exchange Student who wants to select the courses of this program has to apply for it to

the International Law School separately. The program will last for one semester.


Course Name Credits Credit Hours Semester

Public International Law 3Credits 54Teaching hours Fall Semester

International Trade Law 3Credits 54Teaching hours Fall Semester

Introduction to Chinese Law 3Credits 54Teaching hours Fall Semester

Arbitration Law 2 Credits 36 Teaching Hours Fall Semester

Legal Research and Writing 1credit 18teaching hours Fall Semester

Selected Issues of International Air Law 1credit 18teaching hours Fall Semester

International Human Rights Law and China 1credit 18teaching hours Fall Semester

Chinese Contract Law 2credits 36 Teaching Hours Fall Semester

Civil Law 2Credits 36Teaching hours Spring Semester

Criminal Law 1credit 18teaching hours Spring Semester

WTO and China 1credit 18teaching hours Spring Semester

International Investment Law 2Credits 36 Teaching hours

Company Law 2Credits 36Teaching hours S pring Semester

Environment Law 1Credit 18Teaching hours Spring Semester

International private law 1Credit 18 Teaching hours Spring Semester

Selected Issues of Intellectual Property Law 1Credit 18 Teaching Hours

Program Contact: Ms. Ding Qiuju (Vera), email:

IV. Free Language Course

The language course is open for all the Exchange Student. They can choose elementary,

intermediate or advanced Chinese language courses according to their own Chinese levels. The

study period ranges from a term to a year. Each term is no less than 18 weeks, and each week has

5 Chinese Drama Stories 1 18 Liu, Hua

6 Multicultural Psychology 1 18 Chen, Xinjie

7 International Investment Law 1 18 Ma Jiachang

8 Chinese Legal Culture 1 18 Zhu Weiyi

9 Case Study: Contemporary Cases in China 1 18 Sha Lijin

10 Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law 1 18 Hao Qian

11 China’s Foreign Trade Law 1 18 Li Juqian

12 Chinese Society and Culture 1 18 Zhang Liying

no less than 15 study hours. In order to cater for the varying needs of International students,

course periods are flexible.

The fee of the language program for the Exchange Student is waved. The Curriculum content of

the Course are: Chinese listening, Chinese speaking, Chinese elementary reading, Chinese writing,

Chinese grammar, Chinese characters, Chinese culture, Chinese social studies and geography,

popular science reading, Chinese Newspaper reading, Elementary Chinese translation, Sinology,

Modern and contemporary history of China, Chinese customs, Computer-Chinese editing, etc.

The Chinese Language course does not need to be applied separately. When you do the

registration in CUPL, you can ask for a curriculum schedule from the stuff of College of

International Studies.

Program contact: Ms. Wang Fengli (April), email:

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