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Reasons for the role of each partner

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Reasons for the role of each partner

The IAWM is an institute within the DMMMSU which has a leading role in providing formal and informal teaching and training in Region 1. It has people who better suited than the EU partners to take a lead in the survey work, not least because of language issues but also because of cost.

Design of teaching and training materials as well as drawing up the curricula will be done jointly. The CAZS has extensive experience of curriculum development in natural resource management and agroforestry related topics albeit in Ethiopia where the climate is quite different but the principles are the same. CAZS also have experience in preparation of teaching materials for course work in both Bangor and Ethiopia. The centre has also been involved in a wide range of resource management projects that have entailed the preparation of extension materials. DFBD in Cork has extensive institutional links with developing country Universities and research institutes in the areas of natural resource management (although principally in Africa), and has considerable experience in developing and delivering distance learning programmes in rural development (for rural development practitioners in Ireland), some of which are now being adapted for web-based delivery.

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