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Procedures for internal evaluation

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Procedures for internal evaluation

Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee

A Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (PEMC) will be established, comprising one senior member of the academic staff of each institution who is not directly involved in the project. This committee will conduct annual evaluations, based upon written reports and interviews with staff and students who have taken part in the project. The outcomes each year will be compared with the OVIs from the logical framework. Each year, the evaluation committee will be chaired by one member of the PEC in rotation, and will conduct its business in the form of an electronic conference in order to save on costs. The reports of the evaluation committee will form part of the Annual Reporting process of the project, and edited versions will be made publicly available on the project website.

EU students visiting DMMMSU and DMMMSU staff undertaking courses in the EU will be required to fill in evaluation forms which will be made available to the EMC and Project Evaluation Committee.

Project Steering Committee

The project will be advised by a Project Steering Committee (PSC) of 12 members with representatives from the stakeholders. The PSC will be chaired by a person who is not employed by DMMMSU, University of Wales or University of Cork and will be selected at an initial meeting of the stakeholders. Committee membership will be voluntary but an honorarium and expenses for attending the meetings will be allowed. At least 3 women and two full-time farmers will be invited to join the PSC. The PMB will explain the purpose of the project to the PSC who will receive copies of the project document. The PSC will offer guidance to the PMB on how best to keep the needs of the farmers in the region in focus and how the project activities can best be implemented and the OVIs achieved.

The PSC will meet twice a year when it will receive and comment on reports from the Project Management Board. It will be invited to append a PSC report to the annual report of the project to the EU.

During year 2, the PSC will nominate 2 members to participate in a mid-term review that will be held by the EMC.

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