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Distribution system or outlet

Target production month

Report on survey of employment profile and recommendations for content of IAWM courses by interviewing past students and prospective employers (Activity 1)

One report, 25 copies

This report will be mainly for internal use within the project and DMMMSU / IAWM. It will contribute to planning of course curricula and materials.

Year 1

Month 7

Bibliographical database of technologies (Activity 2)


This database will be constructed using Microsoft Access. It will be published on the internet.

Year 1

Month 12

Monographs based on state of knowledge and currently recognised best practices (Activity 2 and 3). Review of current practices (Activity 3) will be integrated into these two monographs (one emphasising watershed management, one emphasising agroforestry)

2 mono-graphs, each with 100 copies.

Produced by DMMMSU. Copy to be made available on web site. Copies will also be distributed to various agroforestry / social forestry / natural resource management networks

Year 1

Month 12


Academic papers based on the monographs

Year 2

Month 12

Study of farmer priority problems and documentation of indigenous knowledge (20 villages)

one internal report per village : 6 copies of each

For use in consolidating knowledge and to draw on when writing academic papers

1 report, 100 copies

For use by project and 3 partner institutes. Also distributed to key stakeholders.

Year 1

Month 11

1 paper

Academic paper based on the study

Year 2

Month 6

Curriculum development for at least 10 Agroforestry and Watershed Management modules (6 by the end of year 1)


University gazette. Distributed to stakeholders, schools, universities, and funding bodies. Course details also will be published on the internet and appropriate search engine providers informed.

Year 1

Month 3

Supporting teaching material produced for at least 10 Agroforestry and Watershed Management modules :-

(As much as possible of this material will be published on the web in the Philippines, UK and Ireland.)

Year 2 Month 7

(a) module books giving summaries of the lecture contents

10 x 50 copies

Produced by project staff for use by staff and students in the 3 universities

(b) PowerPoint presentations with audio notes

one slide-set for each of about 20 lectures in each module

(c) videos of research methods, project implementation and participatory methods.

2 videos, 6 copies of each

Produced by the project team for use in the 3 institutes.

(d) interactive spreadsheets

Depends on curricula but possibly as many as 5 models for each module = 50 models

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