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Activity 1) Establishment of Project Management System

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Activity 1) Establishment of Project Management System

Three committees will be set up to ensure the efficient implementation, management and monitoring of the project: A Project Steering Committee (PSC), a Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (PEMC) and a Project Management Board (PMB). Web-cams will be purchased to allow face-to-face discussion and meetings over the internet for the PMB and the PEMC, in order to save on the costs of additional travel. However, it is intended that there shall be at least one face-to-face meeting of the PMB each year.

The outputs of this activity will be:

  • project focus kept on needs of farmers and other primary stakeholders living in the region;

  • project activities carried out according to schedule and budget;

  • approval of EU students to visit DMMMSU and selection of DMMMSU staff to undertake studies in the EU;

  • project progress and financial reports and other documents produced according to contractual requirements.

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