Annex a application Form European Commission Asia-Link Programme Grant Application Form

Relevance of the project to the priorities of the programme

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Relevance of the project to the priorities of the programme (see section 1.2 and section 2.1.3 Priority areas)

The project will cover activities mainly under the second priority area: curriculum development. In particular the project will facilitate the development of curricula and training materials relevant to agroforestry and watershed management initially for use in the Institute of Agroforestry and Watershed Management at DMMMSU. The materials will be adapted for use in extension work in La Union State and Region 1 and also for use in the Universities of Cork and Wales (Bangor).

The economic importance of agriculture and land and water resources in La Union and the surrounding areas means that the project addresses the priority economic sectors which the Asia Link Programme seeks to serve. The project will also address social factors such as the need to consider the concerns and future of the tribal people's who gain obtain their livelihoods from forest based activities.

1.7 Detailed description of activities (Maximum 9 pages)

Include the title of and a detailed description of each activity. In this respect, the detailed description of activities must not be confused with the plan of action (see 1.9 below).

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