Annex a application Form European Commission Asia-Link Programme Grant Application Form

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Statement of Availability

In the event of award of contract to the Applicant <insert name of Applicant organisation> which has presented me as a candidate for the project proposal whose title is mentioned above, I, <insert person’s name>, confirm my availability to provide services for the above-mentioned project according to the planned programme of activities and to be able and willing to work for all the period of implementation of the project as indicated in the attached project proposal.

Signature Date and place

Annex G
Example of Envelope

When submitting an Application by registered post, use this label on the envelope:

European Commission

EuropeAid Co-operation Office

Directorate D, Asia

Unit D6, Financial and Contract Management

Office: L41 3/89

B-1049 Brussels


[Insert full name and address of the Applicant…]

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