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Curriculum Vitae
Proposed Position in the Project: Lead participant, DFBD, Cork
1 Family Name: CHISHOLM

2 First Name: Nicholas (“Nick”)

3 Date of Birth: 7/7/56

4 Nationality: Irish/British

5 Civil Status: Married

6 Education / Professional studies:

Institution: University of Cambridge

Date From/To: 1975 - 78

Degree/Diploma: BA (Hons), Geography [MA (Hons) awarded 1980}

Institution: Dept of Agricultural Economics, University of Western Australia, Perth

Date From/To: 1979 - 84

Degree/Diploma: MSc (Agriculture)

7 Language Skills: (Mark from 1 (notions) to 5 (excellent) for competence)

(*=mother tongue)

Language Speaking Reading Writing

English* 5 5 5

French 1 1 1

Bengali 2


8 Membership of Professional Bodies:

9 Other Skills:

  • represent Government of Ireland at OECD/DAC Working Party on Development Co-operation and Environment

10 Present Position within the organisation: University Lecturer

11 Years with the organisation: 8 years

  1. Key Qualifications: (relevant to the project): Specialist in natural resource management (socio-economic and institutional issues) and rural development with approx. 10 years’ practical field experience in relevant development programmes in Asia and Africa; on-going involvement in the policy arena with relation to Ireland’s development co-operation programme, particularly in the areas of agricultural and natural resources development; involvement in preparation of distance learning materials.

13 Experience in Specific Asian countries/territories :

Country :Bangladesh

Date :1983, 1986-88, 1989, 1991-2, 1993

Details Socio-economist and agro-economist on development programmes (funded by SIDA and DFID) relating to rural employment, flood control and fisheries

14 Professional Experience Record (relevant to the project):

Date:1990-91, 1993-6, 1998-present

Location: Cork, IRELAND

Organisation: Dept of Food Business and Development, UCC, Cork, IRELAND

Position: Lecturer

Responsibilities: Lecturing in rural development, & variety of research projects

Date: 1996-97

Location: ETHIOPIA

Organisation: Government of Ireland Development Co-operation programme

Position: Assistant Programme Officer

Responsibilities:Managing integrated rural development programme in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, with emphasis on food security and integrated watershed management
Date: 1991-92


Organisation: Mott MacDonald & Partners (funded by DFID)

Position: Agro-Economist, Flood Action Plan

Responsibilities: Economic analysis of flood control scenarios in NW Bangladesh
Date: 1986-88


Organisation: SIDA

Position: Socio-Economic Advisor and Human Resources Development Advisor

Responsibilities: Range of management and technical roles in Rural Employment Sector Programme

Also other short-term consultancy and research activities in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi.

15 Publications:
Chisholm, N. (2000), Food Security Strategies in Ethiopia, paper for the Conference on Local and Global Dimensions of Food Security, International Famine Centre, UCC, April 2000.
Chisholm, N. (2000), Maintaining a Fragile Balance? Community Management of Renewable Natural Resources in Tigray, NE Ethiopia, paper for the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Bloomington, Indiana, May 2000.
Chisholm, N. (2001), Ireland Aid Agricultural Policy, A Report to the Development Co-operation Division, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin, 102 pp.
Chisholm, N. (1998) Irish Aid and Agenda 21: The Irish Bilateral Aid Programme Post-Rio, Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin.
Chisholm, N. (1998) National Strategy for Sustainable Development: Ireland, paper presented at Workshop on National Strategies for Sustainable Development, UK Department for International Development, Sunningdale, U.K.
Chisholm, N. (1996) Irish Aid and Agriculture, A Report to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Irish Aid Advisory Committee, Dublin.
Chisholm, N. and M. Metz (1995), Joint Evaluation of European Union Programme Food Aid: Ethiopia, Report for European Commission, Overseas Development Institute, London.
Chisholm, N. and P-Y Legal (1995), Joint Evaluation of European Union Programme Food Aid: Zambia, Report for European Commission, Overseas Development Institute, London.
Chisholm, N. (1994), Cost-Benefit Analysis and Externalities in Wetlands Projects: The Lower Atrai Basin in Bangladesh, paper presented at Conference of The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Dublin.
Declaration of Availability

Asia-Link Call for Proposals Publications Reference: EUROPEAID/113394/C/G

Title of project proposal:

Current position of the person and employer’s name:

Position of the person in the proposed project:

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