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A review of agricultural research in Tanzania

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A review of agricultural research in Tanzania. Tropical Agriculture Association Newsletter, 10(3), pp 6-8, 1990

Best placed: Rural Water Supply. World Water and Environmental Engineer, Oct., 1991, pp 40-41

A Review of Agricultural Research and Development in Zanzibar. Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University College of North Wales (1992). 3 volumes. (ed.)

The work of the Centre for Arid Zone Studies at the University College of North Wales in agricultural information technology in East Africa: experience, frustrations, and aspirations. Paper presented to the Sixth SPAAR Information Systems Workshop, NRI, Chatham, April 26-30, 1993.

Supplementary guidelines on irrigation activities. In: Guidelines for agricultural development. TEAR Fund, Teddington, Middlesex, UK, 1993.

Soil and Water Conservation. Chapter 6 in: "Dryland Agriculture in Africa", (Ed. J. Rowlands). Macmillan’s, 1993.

The KRIBHCO Rainfed Farming Project: an approach to participatory farming systems development. Research Issues in Natural Resource Management. KRIBP Working Paper No. 1. Swansea: Centre for Development Studies, University of Wales. 1996. 26 pp. *

The use of subsidies for soil and water conservation on degraded areas of India: the KRIBHCO experience and some suggestions for alternative approaches. Paper presented at the workshop: “Watershed approaches for managing degraded lands in India: challenges for the 21st Century” at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, 27-29 April, 1998

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