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partners of the applicant participating in the project

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partners of the applicant participating in the project

1. Description of the partners

Partner 1

Partner 2

Full legal name

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

National University of Ireland, Cork (University College, Cork)




Legal status

State University

National University

Official address

DMMMSU, Bacnotan, La Union 2515, Philippines

Department of Food Business and Development, O’Rahilly Building, UCC, Cork, IRELAND.

Contact person

Dr. Ernesto R. Gapasin and/or Dr. Rodolfo E. Ulep

Mr Nicholas Chisholm

Telephone n°

063 72 888 5354

+353 21 4903347

Fax n°

063 72 888 5354

+353 21 4903358

E-mail address

Web address

Number of staff (permanent and non-permanent)

614 full time faculty members, of which 83 are Professors, 121 Associate Professors, 222 Assistant Professors and 169 Instructors. There are 19 part time Professors. Academic staff are supported by 342 non-teaching staff . A pool of 168 full time researchers are leading research activities in DMMMSU.

13 academic / research + 2 administration officers in DFBD

History of co-operation with the applicant


Link with CAZS Bangor since beginning of 2001 when the two institutes undertook a joint review of agricultural and natural resources research in Ethiopia. Now in advanced stage of preparation of joint proposal with CAZS for Operational Research in Agriculture in Ethiopia to be funded by Irish government

Role and involvement in preparing the proposed project

Original request to CAZS and Cork came from DMMMSU. DMMMSU consulted at all stages and provided inputs into logical framework, main proposal and budget

Inputs and suggestions in logical framework and main proposal

Role and involvement in implementing the proposed project

Main implementing organisation

Substantial involvement in implementation as per Plan of Action (section 1.9) especially to provide expertise in socio-economics and farmer organisations and training.

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