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Warsaw Agricultural University Link

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Warsaw Agricultural University Link

  1. Object and location

This was another British Council funded Linkage Programme. The arrangement was between the Department of Crop Production at Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland) and the Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University of Wales, Bangor (UK).

The objective of the Agreement was to mobilize the resources needed to develop an integrated collaborative programme including:

1) faculty exchange,

2) collaborative research and extension programs,

3) advanced training for students,

4) joint applications for development programmes in Poland.

The agreement was to provide the environment and encouragement for faculty from the two institutions to develop collaborative activities.

The focus of the agreement was for the Centre for Arid Zone Studies to:

  • share its expertise in application of research to specific farmer, agribusiness, rural development , environmental and policy problems;

  • provide opportunities for faculty at SGGW to capture experience about the Wales model for rural development and farmer training in Wales

  • cooperate in research of mutual interest and benefit to both Welsh and Polish agriculture; and,

  • share experiences in teaching methods, technologies, and practical application of teaching approaches.

and, for the Warsaw Agricultural University (SGGW) to:

  • share its expertise in research and institutional knowledge about agriculture in Poland;

  • lead in developing joint entry to assistance programmes directed toward the Baltic republics, Belarus and the Ukraine, and;

  • cooperate in identifying potential nominees for graduate study at the Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University of Wales, Bangor.

  1. Results

The linkage resulted in a number of mutually beneficial visits by members of staff of the respective institutions. Lectures were given and proposals for submission to other grant-making were developed.

  1. Role of CAZS

CAZS’s role was primarily that of facilitator.

  1. Project cost

not known

  1. Donors

Name: Warsaw Agricultural University

Address: Ul. Nowoursynowska 166; 02-787 Warszawa, Poland


Telephone number: +48-22- 843 90 41

Amount contributed: not known

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