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Capacity to manage and implement projects

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4. Capacity to manage and implement projects
4.1 Experience with similar projects

Twinning Association with Mekelle University College (MUC), Ethiopia

  1. Object and location

The location of this link was Mekelle town in Tigre, Ethiopia. The link started in 1994 and continued until 1998 with funding under an IDA-7 World Bank loan. The object was to use the expertise at CAZS to develop the curricula for the newly formed college using a teaching objectives approach and to provide assistance with teaching while MUC staff underwent further training at MSc or PhD level in the UK or in other EU countries.

To supplement the services on offer and to encourage a dialogue regarding the broader issues of women in development and environmental concerns, a separate link between CAZS and MUC, supported by the British Council, began in 1995. Following a programme of successfully completed exchanges, the link was renewed in 1997 for a further 3 years, with an accent on action research and community development.

  1. Results

The project was highly productive both in achieving its objectives and also in associated activities, such as the provision of 28 support staff - Technical Assistants (TAs) and Mentors, production of 60 documents containing subject teaching materials and collaborative work with over 20 Development Partner Agencies (DPAs)). The curricula developed were based on a survey of employer requirements in the region, particularly those involved in agricultural and rural development.

In addition to the education role, and in the true spirit of the development-focused nature of the college, CAZS staff variously:-

  • assisted in the establishment of development for a;

  • helped in the preparation, implementation and reporting of workshops and seminars;

  • assisted in extension programmes with the Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources;

  • conducted surveys for external organisations;

  • assisted with the preparation of development plans for the Regional Government.

  1. Role of CAZS

CAZS provided input of junior staff who providing temporary teaching assistance who were resident in Ethiopia, senior staff who went to regular visits to supervise the EU teaching staff and to develop the curricula and give guest lectures, and assist in equipment procurement matters. They also supervised the financial accounting of the project. CAZS input amounted to 84 person-months.

  1. Project cost.

The World Bank contribution was € 800,000 but the British Council paid on a re-imbursement basis for exchange visits only and accounted for funds itself. There were about 4 visits (2 each way) for 2 to 4 weeks, each year. The total was in the region of € 900,000.

  1. Donors

(i) Name: World Bank

Address: c/o Mr. Ishac Diwan, Country Director, Africa Avenue, Bole Road,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Telephone number: (251-1) 62-77-00

Amount contributed: € 800,000

(ii) Name: British Council

Address: 10, Spring Gardens; London; SW1A 2BN; UK


Telephone number: +44 (0)20 7930 8466

Amount contributed: c. € 100,000

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