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Associate Professional Volunteer Scheme

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Associate Professional Volunteer Scheme

The Associate Professional Volunteer (APV) Scheme helps overseas communities with limited resources obtain direct help from well qualified post-graduates, backed by experienced CAZS staff. Teaching assistants who have successfully completed a natural resource-oriented MSc are placed with institutions for extended periods to help implement a curriculum established by short term consultants. They are fully supported by the consultants during the placement and, in discussion with local staff and prospective employers of the graduates from the institute, help develop the teaching materials for the courses. Their experience is then used to modify the curriculum to ensure that the best courses are established. The methodology does not involve long term inputs from expensive personnel, and provides a method of testing new curricula in situ. This system was used for the link funded by the World Bank with Mekelle University College in Ethiopia, and for the long-term association with the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, funded through the British Council and UK Department for International Development. APVs help bridge the ever-increasing gap between obtaining qualifications and starting a career for post-graduates who wish to work overseas.

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