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Institution strengthening activities

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Institution strengthening activities

One of the most important resources a country can have is its own fully trained specialists. CAZS sees the development of personnel for these roles as vitally important and are heavily involved with institutional development to achieve this goal. Essentially the Centre has 2 types of links. Type 1 links receive major funding and are mainly concerned with institutional development through course restructuring and curriculum development, often achieved by placing a technical assistant overseas for several months/years, and by providing visiting specialists for course development or on particular topics; improving research capacity through joint research projects and laboratory upgrading; strengthening of academic and technical staff through postgraduate training in the UK, by providing analytical facilities and advice for PhDs registered overseas, through specialised short courses, study tours and staff exchanges; teaching specialised topics for 3-4 weeks overseas; and conference and workshop participation. CAZS has been involved with over 10 institutions in this way.

Type 2 links (British Council Higher Education Division) have the same objective, but are intended to benefit both participating institutions. The chief activity is staff exchange, with limited support by way of equipment. This type of link is also important in order to continue the momentum once a Type 1 link has been completed. 

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