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Centre for Arid Zone Studies - Expertise

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Centre for Arid Zone Studies - Expertise

CAZS has broad research and training interests, with expertise spanning Africa, Asia and Europe. It has about 30 academic and support staff. The Centre’s professional staff are highly experienced and many of the recognised leaders in their fields. It also has its own experienced finance and administration staff to provide accurate financial information to project managers.

In addition to its own staff, the Centre has access to a wide range of specialists to call upon as and when required, drawing on a pool of associates from the Schools of Business and Regional Development; Agriculture and Forest Sciences; Social Sciences; Biological Sciences; and Ocean Sciences, and the Institute of Environmental Science. In addition, it has access to over 500 natural resource specialists from sister colleges in the University of Wales through the Consortium for Rural Development and a database of over 300 occasional consultants.

The expertise of CAZS is primarily in plant sciences and many areas of natural resource management, for example crop establishment and crop protection, molecular biology, participatory plant breeding and agronomy, salinity and other abiotic stresses, desertification and soil degradation, environmental socio-economics, global change, rural resource management, soil and water management, watershed management, agroforestry and sustainable development. Other disciplines include livestock production, crop assessment and food security, and project and research management. Since its inception, CAZS has established an international reputation as one of the leading players in the areas of renewable natural resources and sustainable development.

In addition to offering training and consultancy services, CAZS has an active research portfolio. It manages the Plant Sciences Research Programme (PSP) of the Department for International Development (DFID) and acts as project coordinator for several EU funded multinational research projects.

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