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University of Wales

UWB has strong links with the local area. It plays an important role in providing options for part-time study for local communities, and is a founding member of the Community University of North Wales, a partnership of 10 further and higher education institutions. Over the years the University has built extensive links with universities, research organisations, governments, and industrial and public bodies in many parts of the world. There are currently students from around 80 countries studying in Bangor, 10% of the student population, and UWB has partner universities in Europe (100 universities in 20 countries, mostly through the Erasmus programme), USA, Canada, Chile and Puerto Rico where students can spend 3 to 12 months studying or conducting research. Over 350 undergraduate courses are offered across 20 departments, with over half of the departments assessed in the UK government’s teaching quality assessments having a top rating of "excellent'. UWB has over 850 postgraduates in four faculties.

Bangor has a strong research base at National and International levels, placing considerable value on fundamental research as well as research contributing to wealth creation and quality of life. The University encourages links with commercial and industrial bodies in the UK and overseas: it also aims to be responsive to local and regional needs and is conscious of its role as a research and training base for North West Wales, an Objective One area.

Grant capture is buoyant, and funding for a new research vessel for Ocean Sciences (€5.9 million) through the Joint Infrastructure Fund will be supplemented by a further €5.6 million for new equipment in the Science Departments over the next 3 years to complement other successes. In the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, 77% of staff were in the top 4, 5 and 5* grades (reflecting significant international research impact). Bangor is one of the leading UK universities for environmental science, while the School of Business and Regional Development will make international expertise in Finance and Entrepreneurship available to the local and national economy.

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