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Activity 11) Mid-term review

In order to assess the progress of the project, a comprehensive review will take place around month 7 of year 2. A workshop will take place between the EU project staff and the DMMMSU staff and outputs compared with the OVIs and Plan of Action. Stakeholders will be interviewed, farmers where extension materials will be tested will be visited and a list of project documentary and other outputs included in the interim report.

Activity 12) Final workshop

A 3-day workshop will be held in the final week of the project to bring together the experiences of the previous 3 years. Major stakeholders will be invited, the impact of the project will be discussed and recommendations for further action by the university and farmers will be made. The proceedings will be circulated to the stakeholders soon after the end of the workshop. In particular the effectiveness and relevance of the innovative approach of farmer participation in curriculum development will be discussed

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