Anne Boleyn Did marrying her solve any of Henry’s problems?

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Anne Boleyn - Did marrying her solve any of Henry’s problems?

Anne Boleyn is an interesting character. People always felt strongly about her, they either loved her or they despised her with a passion! Here is quick look at her early years- how do you think she compared to Catherine of Aragon?

Anne was one of three children, Mary was her eldest sister she was sweet and gentle but none too bright! Anne and her younger brother George were different. They were intelligent and wanted to do well. Their father recognised this and did his best to give them the best possible start in life.

• George went to Oxford University; he was able to speak Latin and French and was a poet and translator.

• Anne was educated in the house of Arch Duchess Margaret in France. Margaret was an impressive woman whose nickname was “Most dreaded lady” She was fluent in many languages and wrote fine poetry in both Latin and French. She was also a very clever politician.

• Before returning to England Anne spent some time in the court of the French King Francis, a man who was very kind to all women apart from his own wife! Anne loved the French court and by this time she spoke French fluently. At this time she also polished her musical skills becoming a fine singer and dancer.

• Years after she had left the French she was still well remembered, a man called Lancelot de Carles wrote “…she was beautiful and had an elegant figure and eyes that were even more attractive.” Anne’s eyes were large and dark and she used them with skill using them as “…messengers to carry the secret witness of her heart.” Lancelot was also to write “…such was their power, that many men were hers to command”.

• In 1521 Anne returned to England.

• By early New Year of 1522 she was working as one of Queen Catherine’s ladies in waiting- she was to make quite an impression!
Anne Boleyn Questions:
(1). How many brothers and sisters did Anne Boleyn have? What were their names?
(2). Why were Anne and George different from Mary?
(3). What did George do?
(4). Where was Anne educated? What did she learn to do there?
(5). What did Anne do before returning to England?
(6). Who wrote about Anne after she had left France?
(7). When did Anne return to England?
(8). Why do you think it said that Anne made ‘quite an impression’?
(9). How does Anne Boleyn compare to Catherine of Aragon?

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