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Picture Books about the Child’s Imaginary World

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Picture Books about the Child’s Imaginary World (continued)
Author, Illustrator Title Description

Margie Palatini, Three French Hens Palatini uses traditional forms such as “The Twelve Days

Richard Egielski of Christmas” as the basis for this funny retelling.
Tom Paxton, Engelbert the Elephant The illustrations are as uproarious as the antics of the

Steven Kellogg guests when Engelbert crashes the queen’s party.

Dav Pilkey Dog Breath Hally, the pet dog of the Tosis family, has breath problems,

but she conquers a bunch of crooks—not with teeth but

with odors.
Meg Rosoff, Meet Wild Boars A quartet of wild boars stands in for the most ill-behaved

Sophie Blackall children ever.

Pam Muñoz Ryan, Mice and Beans A forgetful grandmother prepares for her granddaughter’s

Joe Cepeda birthday with the help of some clever mice.

Rob Scotton Russell the Sheep A goofy sheep is afraid to go to sleep and tries counting

different objects to relax himself.

James Stevenson Could Be Worse!; That Children appreciate the humor of Grandpa’s exaggerated

Terrible Halloween Night tall tales. Stevenson’s watercolor and cartoon-style illustrations are as funny as his stories.
Nancy Van Laan, Possum Come A-Knockin’ Booth’s wry cartoons illustrate this silly story about a

George Booth little old possum just trying to have fun.

Mo Willems Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive See text.

the Bus; Don’t Let the

Pigeon Stay Up Late!; The

Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog;

Leonardo the Terrible


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