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Picture Books about the Child’s Imaginary World


Author, Illustrator Title Description

Jim Aylesworth, The Tale of Tricky Fox A tricky fox tries to trick a teacher but is out-foxed.

Barbara McClintock
Barbara Bottner Wallace’s Lists Wallace the mouse is compulsive about making and

and Gerald Kruglik, following lists until a friend teaches him to loosen up.

Olaf Landström
Caralyn Buehner, Superdog: The Heart A small dachshund is determined to overcome his lowly

Mark Buehner of a Hero status.

Chih-Yuan Chen Guji Guji See text.
Eileen Christelow The Great Pig Escape; Pigs escape from Bert and Ethel’s farm and a culinary end

The Great Pig Search to go to Florida.
Doreen Cronin, Diary of a Spider The world as seen through the eyes (and words) of a

Harry Bliss Diary of a Worm young spider and worm.

Doreen Cronin, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows, then ducks, agitate Farmer Brown for better

Betsy Lewin Cows That Type working conditions.

Duck for President Duck decides to leave Farmer Brown’s farm and run for

president until he finds out how much work he has to do.

Giggle, Giggle, Quack Farmer Brown takes a holiday and the ducks get out of

Jean de Brunhoff The Story of Babar Well-loved stories about an elephant king and his friends

and family. Continued in sequels by de Brunhoff’s son,

Roger Duvoisin Petunia A silly goose thinks she has acquired wisdom when she

finds a book but does not know that it is important to

learn to read what is in the book.

Eva Eriksson A Crash Course for Molly Molly the pig learns about bike safety the hard way.
Ian Falconer Olivia Olivia the pig sets about subduing her world.
Olivia Saves the Circus Outrageous Olivia tells about the time she saved the circus.
Mem Fox, Koala Lou A little koala bear feels neglected when new brothers

Pamela Lofts and sisters arrive, and she tries to win her mother’s

attention. Her mother assures her that she always has,

and always will, love her.

Don Freeman Dandelion The story of a lion who becomes such a “dandy” in order

to go to a party that his hostess does not recognize him

and shuts the door in his face.


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