Animal Farm Research Project

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Animal Farm Research Project

Directions: In a 3-5 paragraph research paper, answer one of the questions on the next page (questions will be assigned to individual students). The following are steps you are to take to successfully complete this project:

  1. Find at least one valid research source (a maximum of 3 sources) to help you answer your assigned question.

  2. Print out the sources (or make a copy of them if they are in print).

  3. Create a works cited page for your research sources (see separate MLA handout).

  4. Read your sources, highlighting important information that will help you answer your assigned question.

  5. Paraphrase (put into your own words) the highlighted portions of your sources on note cards (each paragraph or piece of information on a separate card). Include a parenthetical citation at the bottom of each paraphrased note card (see separate MLA handout).

  6. On a separate note card, write a paragraph summary of each source. Include a parenthetical citation at the bottom.

  7. On separate note cards, include any quotes that you wish to include in your research paper. Use quotation marks around quotes. Include a parenthetical citation at the bottom.

  8. Organize your note cards (paraphrases, summaries, and quotes) into a logical order for your paper.

  9. On separate note cards, write an introduction with a strong thesis statement (highlighted or underlined) and a strong conclusion.

  10. On separate note cards, write main idea sentences for each body paragraph.

  11. Organize your new note cards interspersed within your research note cards.

  12. Number your note cards in the order they will be used to write your paper.

  13. Type your research paper in size 12 font and double spaced (use an easily legible font please).

  14. Head your research paper with a title centered and, at the top right-hand corner in three lines, your name, the class name (Advanced English 9) and your class period, and the date the paper is due: ____________________.

  15. Include your Works Cited page (titled Works Cited centered at top) at the end of your research paper.

  16. Include parenthetical citations of research sources as they are used within the paper (see separate MLA handout).

  17. Proofread, edit, and revise your rough draft, and print out a final draft.

  18. Turn in all of the following: research sources, note cards, rough draft, and final draft.

Research Questions

1. The Manor Farm symbolizes Czarist Russia (also spelled Tsarist). Farmer Jones symbolizes Czar Nicholas II (also spelled Tsar). Describe Czarist Russia and Czar Nicholas II. What was his reign of power like for the Russians?

2. The Rebellion symbolizes The Bolshevik Revolution. The pigs symbolize the Bolsheviks. Describe the Bolshevik Revolution. What led to this revolution? Describe the Bolsheviks.
3. Animal Farm symbolizes Soviet Russia. Describe Soviet Russia. What would it have been like to live in Russia at that time?
4. Old Major is a composite of two historical figures: Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Who were these two men? What did they stand for and what did they accomplish in their political lives?
5. Old Major’s song (Beasts of England) symbolizes The Communist Manifesto. What is the Communist Manifesto? What was its goal? Who composed it? Was it a success? Note: Don’t try to read and over-analyze the entire Manifesto. Focus on an overview of it instead!
6. Animalism symbolizes Communism. Define communism. What would it be like to live in a communist country?
7. Napoleon symbolizes Joseph Stalin. Who was Joseph Stalin? What did he stand for and what did he accomplish in his political life?
8. Snowball symbolizes Leon Trotsky. Who was Leon Trotsky? What did he stand for and what did he accomplish in his political life?
9. Napoleon’s subordinate Squealer symbolizes the Propaganda Chief of Stalin’s government news agency. What was the job of the government news agency? What purpose did it serve in Stalin’s reign of power over Soviet Russia?
10. Boxer symbolizes the typical Loyal Proletariat. Define a loyal proletariat. What would a loyal proletariat stand for in Soviet Russia? Explain why.
11. The dogs symbolize Stalin’s secret police. What were the duties of Stalin’s secret police? How did they function in Soviet Russia? What effect would they have on citizens?
12. Mr. Frederick symbolizes Adolf Hitler. Rumors about Mr. Frederick’s cruelty symbolize the Holocaust. Who was Adolf Hitler? What did he stand for and what did he accomplish in his political life? Describe the Holocaust and its effects.
13. Mr. Pilkington symbolizes Great Britain and Winston Churchill. Who was Winston Churchill? What did he stand for and what did he accomplish in his political life? What was Great Britain like when he was in power?
14. The meeting between Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington symbolizes the Yalta Conference. Define and explain the Yalta Conference. What did it attempt to accomplish? Was it successful?

Animal Farm Research Paper Grading Rubric

Name _____________________________ Period _____ Due Date _____________
Topic ________________________________________ Pres. Date ____________

_____ / 5 Introduction Paragraph: adequately introduces the research paper topic and

includes and strong and well-written thesis statement.
_____ / 10 Body Paragraph(s): adequately supports the thesis statement with

information (paraphrases, summaries, and quotes) from the research

_____ / 5 Conclusion Paragraph: adequately summaries the research paper, restates

the thesis statement, and makes reference to Animal Farm.

_____ / 5 Parenthetical Citations: correctly type-written according to MLA guidelines

and included when necessary throughout the research paper to give credit to

sources of information.
_____ / 5 Works Cited Page: correctly type-written in alphabetical order according to

MLA guidelines and included at the end of the research paper to give credit

to sources of information.
_____ / 5 Format: heading is included correctly at the top of the paper, and the paper

is double-spaced and typed in size 12 times new roman font.

_____ / 10 Grammar and Mechanics: few or no mechanical or grammatical errors exist in

the paper (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, word

usage, etc.).
_____ / 10 Presentation: research is presented by the writer with good vocal quality,

physical delivery, eye contact, and attitude.

_____ / 55 Total Points Possible
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