Animal Farm Chapter 10 Comprehension Questions

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Animal Farm

Chapter 10 Comprehension Questions

  1. Which animals got to retire?

Answer: No one got to retire. They were all lied to about retirement.

  1. Which animals benefited from the rebellion and which did not?

Answer: The pigs and the dogs benefited but none of the other animals.

  1. The pigs starting walking on their hind legs in this chapter and they began carrying whips. What do these things symbolize? Why was it important for the sheep to learn “Four legs good, two legs better”?

Answer: The whips symbolize how the pigs were the masters of the farm and the animals were their slaves. The pigs started walking on two legs, so it meant that they were better or more advanced than the animals that walked on four legs.

  1. In his toast, what was it about Animal Farm that Mr. Pilkington admired?

Answer: He admired how the pigs were able to get the animals to work so hard for so little food.

  1. What happened to the name Animal Farm? Why?

Answer: It was changed back to Manor Farm, which was the original name of the farm.

This change symbolized that the farm was like it was in the beginning. The pigs were

like the humans because they were in control and the other animals existed to be used by

the pigs.

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