Angrezon ke Pille The pro-British imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: rss, its parivaar and associates

The four pillars of the Hindu Taliban

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5.The four pillars of the Hindu Taliban

There is no smoke without fire. That principle is universal and can never be violated. Invariably, the "Hindu" revivalists seem to generate smoke that floats in the vicinity of fascism. Aryan-methods of training-great leader mythologies- they all end up perilously close to being a version of fascism. I wouldn't go that far, but it is clear that if they COULD, they would.

My hypothesis now is that the following four pillars underpin so-called "Hindu" revivalism (it is NOT Hindu, the way I see Hinduism, so I use quotation marks).

1. Hindus are Aryans, and indeed, are the original Aryans

2. Hinduism, which is marked by heterogeneity, must be standardised through the Hindu Dharm Shastra

3. Hindu youth must be organised on the lines of the Italian fascists

4. Hitler was a great Hindu (even possibly an avatar of Vishnu!)

A modern "Hindu" revivalist: Vivek Garg

This is the only combination of ideas that can explain the kinds of comments my young Indian friend Vivek Satya Garg (a great nationalist, undoubtedly) continuously makes on Facebook. He makes MANY comments pregnant with the possibility of great violence, e.g. "Yeh (muslim) log nahi ruke within 1 year , phir humko koi rok nahi payega". Hitler, according to him, was a Great Hindu. And yes, Vivek is a great believer in caste and thinks that questioning the caste system is tantamount to insulting Hinduism (for which he is quite happy to use the sword). He also uses the contemptuous language of ancient Hindu literature (e.g. Ramayana) for the tribals, calling them Rakshasas (devils). So much for his love of the indigenous Indians of India.

Vivek is deeply steeped in this "Hindu" revivalism. His entire life is spent thinking about this issue. He is full time into this project.

People like him can make a big difference to India, for good or for bad (I hope he will in due course see the error of his way of thinking and make a difference for the good for India and the world). So we need to understand what created the combination of ideas which Vivek represents. How could he – in 2013 – see the world in the manner he does.

Note that the ideas Vivek expresses are totally opposite to what mainstream Hindu leaders of India have thought – such as Vivekananda, Gandhi and S.Radhakrishnan. But he is entirely unable to see this. His indoctrination is complete, and entirely unHindu. But he thinks he represents Hinduism.

So where does he get his ideas from?

Clearly these ideas come from "Hindu" revivalists including Golwalkar, Hedgewar and Savarkar – and others like them. Their worldview is TOTALLY different to traditional Hinduism, being contaminated by seriously misguided Western fascist thought.

Let me elaborate a little on these four pillars:

5.1Hindus are Aryans, and indeed, are the original Aryans

The Arynan-Dravidian mythology is deeply engrained in "Hindu" revivalism. No doubt the idea, "aryan", is indigenous to India (being part of Vedas, etc.) but it was almost never used in common literature till it was revived by William Jones and Max Muller (Max Muller is much reviled by these revivalists today for not having translated the Vedas properly – since his version indicates massive beef eating in ancient India – which these revivalists don't like, and deny, despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary).

Arya Samaj is based entirely on this mythical idea of an "Aryan" race. The only difference between fasicst usage of the word Aryan and Swami Dayanand Saraswati's, is that according to Saraswati, the Aryans came from Tibet, not from middle East.

"In Gujarat, a current history and civics textbook states that ‘Aryans were the most illustrious race in history. They were a tall, fair complexioned, good-looking and cultured people." [Guardian, 25 January 2000]

But they DID come from outside. And everyone else in India, its original inhabitants, were reviled by these "outsiders" and called all kinds of names – which I've discussed in the past few days on Facebook.

Now, while I don't know what precisely happened in the past, or when, I have concluded that the Aryan idea has been blown out of proportion and is probably a myth deliberately created by the writers of ancient scriptures to glorify themselves. Precisely as Hitler later used it to glorify his "race" and to kill off those he didn't like. 

It is natural for everyone to claim to be noble or to have come from the "Sun God" or to have some such glorious antecedents. That doesn't mean any of this kind of mythology is true. To take the idea of Aryan seriously today would be a huge blunder – giving credence to the idea that some people are innately "noble". This is a racist idea. I reject the idea of "aryan" entirely. Just call these people pre-historic Indians.

But the Aryan idea in Europe took an entirely different turn (even though the "Hindus" in India didn't understand the difference). I would argue that the Aryan myth first took hold in Europe and then in India. In its current form and shape (as part of the toolkit of "Hindu" revivalists) it is essentially a Western idea. Hitler (the great promoter of Aryan race idea) detested the claim that current Hindus/Indians were Aryans. But few "Hindus" realised that.

August Schlegel argued that all the great cultural achievements of Europe arose out of the migrations of the Aryans, people who embodied this culture and "as yet anonymous Indie-Nordic master race". Schlegel did not stop there. His usage of the term Aryan "caught on as he linked the root Ari with Ehre, the German word for honour"… His readers couldn't help but be infected with the fantasies that congealed around this signifier. The Manichean allegories began when "the outlines of the Aryan-Semitic dualism first became apparent in 1845, whenChristian Lassen (1800-1876), the pupil and protege of the Schlegel brothers, contrasted the Semites unfavorably with the Indo-Germans as unharmonious, egotistical, and exclusive".

By 1860 the Aryan myth became dogma in Europe. Philologists of the calibre of Max Muller and Ernest Renan had played their part in its consolidation. Three disciplines- anthropology, biology and philology-were ready to assure the learned European of his special place in history and to distance his culture from the Semitic peoples. The Aryans were finally ready to resume their place as "world leaders". [Source]

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