Angrezon ke Pille The pro-British imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: rss, its parivaar and associates

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This is work in progress. Sometime in 2009 I spent some time researching the RSS. I also studied this issue while writing DOF.

I am now (for my own ready reference) compiling my notes a booklet, a task that will continue as I find time.

1.1Two nation theory demolished

First, let me say that the very idea of a ‘two nations’ is nonsense on stilts. The fact that India is driven by many identities meant that the ‘two nations’ split instantly into three:

“East Pakistanis intensely identified themselves as Bengalis and “Bengaliness” represented their culture not religion.” [Source]

1.2One India with a liberal constitution

I also vigorously differ from views that believe the partition was good. There was no reason why Hindus and Muslims (and atheists, etc.) could not have lived together in a LIBERAL UNITED INDIA. That is still a possibility, but not with bigoted RSS on the ascendant. [Source – my FB blog post]


What has put me off PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY from RSS is that it actively SUPPORTED the British. Not one word against them, and all its criticism for the freedom fighters and martyrs. This is it.

RSS is over.

They were the pille (puppies) of the British.

2.1RSS RIDICULED the 1857 mutiny

The RSS "guru" Golwalkar ridiculing the 1857 Mutiny:

The last Mughal ruler of India, Bahadur Zafar, had emerged as the rallying point and symbol of the Great War of Independence of 1857. Golwalkar wrote thus while making fun of him: “In 1857, the so-called last emperor of India had given the clarion call – Gazio mein bu rahegi jub talak eeman ki/takhte London tak chalegi tegh Hindustan ki (Till the warriors remain faithful to their task/Indian swords will reach London.) But ultimately what happened? Everybody knows that”.30 [ The Freedom Movement & The RSS: A Story of Betrayal, by Shamsul Islam]



During the course of a speech at Indore in 1960 he said, “Many people worked with the inspiration to free the country by throwing the British out. After formal departure of the British this inspiration slackened. In fact there was no need to have this much inspiration. We should remember that in our pledge we have talked of the freedom of the country through defending religion and culture.These is no mention of departure of the British in that”. As late as March 1947 when the British had decided to go away from India, Guruji while addressing the annual day function of the RSS at Delhideclared that leaders with narrow vision were trying to opposed the state power of the British

While narrating an incident in the course of his speech he got more original on the issue: “Once a respectable senior gentleman came to our shakha (the drill). He had brought a new message for the volunteers of the RSS. When given an opportunity to address the volunteers of the shakha, he spoke in a very impressive tone, ‘Now do only one work. Catch hold of the British, bash them and throw them out. Whatever happens we will see late on’. He said this much and sat down. Behind this ideology is a feeling of anger and sorrow towards state power and reactionary tendency based on hatred. The evil with today’s political sentimentalism is that its basis is reaction, sorrow and anger, and opposition to the victors forgetting friendliness. Somebody went to the extent of saying that, ‘it is through opposition that national life builds up and only through it power of organization appears’. And if a question is put before them that what is the basis of the opposition? Then the reason is told that we are being exploited economically. We get fewer jobs in armed forces, government offices. Freedom is required so that lot of wealth is gotten, there is no shortage of employment and food and water. In other words ‘freedom is freedom from poverty’ in other words if get rich we will be free. If a dog procures lots of fresh bread then it is sufficient. Their ideal is that India should become dog of a rich person, and face no shortage of food water and shelter”.26

The RSS was not even willing to regard colonial domination as an injustice. In a speech of June 8, 1942, Golwalkar had declared: “Sangh does not want to blame anybody else for the present degraded state of the society. When the people start blaming others, then there is weakness in them. It is futile to blame the strong for the injustice done to the weak… Sangh does not want to waste its invaluable time in abusing or criticizing other. If we know that large fish eat the smaller ones, it is outright madness to blame the big fish. Law of nature whether good or bad is true all the time. This rule does not change by terming it unjust”.27

[Shri Guruji Samagra Darshan, Vol. I, p. 109, cited in The Freedom Movement & The RSS: A Story of Betrayal, by Shamsul Islam]

2.3RSS wrote NOT ONE WORD criticising British Rule

Which organisation (now in power) wrote NOT ONE WORD criticising British rule from its inception to 1947?

You guessed it! Modi's RSS, which is living off the work of Gandhi and other freedom fighers.

"there is not a single line challenging, exposing, criticizing or confronting the inhuman rule of the British masters in the entire literature of the RSS from 1925 to 1947[The Freedom Movement & The RSS: A Story of Betrayal, by Shamsul Islam]


Golwalkar’s Super Hindu Race seemed to have no antagonism towards the British rulers who in fact were foreigners in the real sense of the term and who had given only misery, hunger, poverty, and death to multitudes of Indians, the vast majority of whom were Hindus. [ibid]

This is also something I've noticed in my readings on Golwalkar and Savarkar.

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