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Anti-liberty stance: wolf in sheep’s clothing

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16.Anti-liberty stance: wolf in sheep’s clothing

From my blog post here.

RSS presents a charitable front today, compared to its virulent underlying anti-liberty stance.

And so RSS wants to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Vivekananda – which is good. But on the other side it repudiates everything he stood for! A wolf in sheep's clothing.

For instance, Vivekananda stood for liberty (including freedom to proselytise) but RSS stands for muzzling free speech, mercantalism, "swadeshi", and the killing of missionaries.

The RSS (Sangha Parivar) is the unambiguous ENEMY liberty. At every step, in every way, the RSS aims to harm India and India's interests. Its deology is behind the groups that are blocking free speech in India. Now RSS wants to block free trade. What do they "allow"? Only mindless devotion to a particular form of Hinduism?

RSS calls the public to ban the use of Chinese products which has a large scale impact on Indian economy in multiple ways. Chinese goods like toys, electronic devices, utensils, even  Idols of Hindu God like Ganesh are in Market. Hence we need to promote our Industrial growth rather than buying Chinese goods”, says Hosabale. [Source]

Free trade is the BEST way to both improve relations between nations and to ensure that Indian consumers get the best deal. Such competition also ensures that Indian businesses can't sell SHODDY products to Indians any more. Those of us who lived in deeply socialist India know that we could never get a stapler that works. Even today, Indian businesses sell shoddy envelopes that disintegrate well before reaching their journey. Free trade is a win-win situation for everyone in every way.

But the RSS (and Sangha Parivar) is ANTI-LIBERTY and will destroy all potential of India's growth.

Expect the worst for India if these Hindu Taliban (though BJP) come to power.

It pains me that many educated people who apparently promote liberty support RSS and BJP. How can they possibly do so? Can a leopard ever change his spots?

How can an organisation that OPPOSES LIBERTY suddenly start promoting liberty when it comes to power? BJP's history has not been consistent with the promotion of liberty, either.

I call upon such people to severe their support for RSS and BJP and to firmly unite under the banner of liberty, under the banner of FTI.

17.Message for RSS from Sudeep Shetty

My blog post here.

I'm posting here a comment received from Sudeep Shetty that RSS (and the Sangh Parivar more generally) should listen carefully to. I couldn't have said it better.


Mr Debojit 

Its  Very SAD from you and RSS is that you people Still Not able to Clear u r views in 60 years Whats your Exact Problem , neither You are Providing any Soultion to India Neither You Allowing any Good Man Who wants it to Make Better

Firstly You will Tell You want India to Make Self Sufficient , In Which economic Rule its been said a country can become prosperity with this theory ( If you Provide any Supportive here Would Love to Study on This ) If Its there also How Many Countries Has Succceeded , Whats RSS Problem If we Buy Some thing Very Cheap and Good Products from other Country ( As Sanjeev Said If any countrty wants to sell their Product Cheaply which required to us and It will be very cheap to buy rather Producing here Then Whats The Big Deal , Whats RSS problem on That ) 

2ndly You Talk about hindu Culture , and conversion and Aboiut Islam Rather Being Very violent and Provocativeness Speaking You people Never Worked on Sollution , At least Try What can be done on This Problem , You people Never Worked on   Educate The Hindu people Try to Demolish the Inequalities , Demolish Cast System  ( as You Know Cast System Bring by British If they Can bring Why Cant we Demolish ) Bring Sollution rather Being Cribbing Hood Creating ,

We passed on that Stage Now is the time For Solution , 

If You Cant Provide any Solution Then You Forcefully make Us to believe You people are Big nautanki and Threat to National interest , 

As even i Served Rss as Volunteer for 3 years I left it and Didnt Joined Back as i cant see any Solution from RSS  for Problem in India , 

Please Dont think in Pseudo Minded Now, If You cant Support FTI No Probem ( If its hurting you People  Ego )  Provide Better Solution Than Them , We Promise We Happily Join ( I think Even Sanjeev will Agree on This )

I Hope You will …….

18.Some genuine improvements in RSS

18.1One good news on the subject of casteism

4. “NEW DELHI: Ideological chalk and cheese shared dais when firebrand Dalit poet Namdeo Dhasal and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K Sudarshan came together at a book release function in the Capital on Wednesday.

The internationally renowned poet and Dalit leader is the founder president of Maharashtra’s Dalit Panther that has traditionally been at odds with the RSS. The Dalit Panther has for long looked upon the RSS as representing the Brahmanical order. Ironically, Dhasal released a RSS book on Dalit pain at the function.” [Dalit leader buries the hatchet with RSS. The Times of India (Sept 1, 2006)]

3. “NEW DELHI: Following up on its radical call last year to train and appoint Dalits as priests in Hindu temples, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has severely condemned the barring of Dalits from a temple in Orissa recently.

An year-end editorial in the Sangh mouthpiece Panchjanya termed as unfortunate the discriminatory attitude of temple authorities at the Jagannath temple in Kerdagarh saying it was “shameful that even in 2006 there are temples where Dalits are disallowed Even God will desert the temple that Dalits cannot enter.” [RSS rips into ban on Dalits entering temples. The Times of India (Jan 4, 2007)]

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