Angrezon ke Pille The pro-British imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: rss, its parivaar and associates

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11.7Surajit Dasgupta’s FB post

There were rumblings of discontent from Nagpur to Keshav Kunj of Delhi until Rao was appointed as the chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research. Now the Sanghis are once again singing paeans to Modi sarkar.

And when some day a Congress government comes back, we will have the stories retold in a way that it would appear everything native was substandard; we would have wallowed in darkness of ignorance if not successive invaders had civilised us: from the ‘Aryan migration’ days to the British era. To hell with academic truths! We will either have myth or condescension passed off as reality, and discarded as political motivation when the other party assumes office.

Now the solution to make history credible and world class. Open a new stream in universities with degrees BSc and MSc in History. They would be different from the BA and MA in the subject as applications will be invited from students of intermediate science rather than arts. For clues to launch research, international, unaffiliated historians would be commissioned. Then, knowledge of physics and/or chemistry could be used to study archaeology while that of biology would aid anthropology. No claim about our past except what is endorsed by studies like C-14 dating and DNA profiling should be acceptable as undeniable truth. Finally, educative documents may be downloaded from websites of international universities of repute and those that give you access to peer-reviewed papers for a fee. [Source]

12.Attempt to impose Hindi on everyone in India

1. “Feb. 17–PUNE — At a time when regional political parties are raking up the chauvinistic sentiments through language, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has come out openly against English.

RSS chief KS Sudarshan on Sunday said that the time has come to launch a movement against English, which actually is redundant.

Addressing RSS workers in Pune, Sudarshan said that countrymen should have one common language besides a local one.

“Since Hindi is most spoken language in India, it should be treated as common medium of instruction while people should also speak in their local language. However, English has no relevance in the country and, therefore, we must all stop sending our children to convent schools.” [English has no relevance in our country: RSS chiefHindustan Times (New Delhi, India) (Feb 17, 2009)]

13.Internecine killings between CPM and RSS

1. “The eye-for-an-eye battle between the two cadre-based organisations, the CPM and RSS, has claimed more than 100 lives over the past decade. Both camps nurture villages and killer squads. Even the police fear to enter party-controlled villages. And in some areas, bomb-making is like a cottage industry. The CPM says it’s targeted for protecting the minorities while the RSS-BJP combine says it is not allowed to function freely.” [Kanpur erupts again, 2 dead, Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India) (Jan 19, 2009)]

2.”3 April 2008 PUNE: The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members clashed in Pune on Wednesday.

The incident place took place near the CPM office. CPM leaders have strongly condemned the incident. [CPM, RSS clash in Pune, The Times of India (April 3, 2008)]

14.Affiliate organisation: Bajrang Dal

14.1Bajrang Dal hate speeches against Muslims

My blog post here.

Was just clicking through on youtube and found this extremely inflammatory speech by Bajrang Dal speaker. This blog post is a placeholder and will be periodically updated as I find more info. Please send any further speeches you might have come across.

Clearly there are some atrocious Muslim speeches against Hindus (which I recently condemned), but then there is this other side, as well.

15.Affiliate organisations: VHP

15.1Pravin Togadia, destroying paintings is NOT permitted under Indian law to protest Pakistani killings

My blog post here.

I condemn BJP/VHP people who pretend to support India routinely but then go around DESTROYING THE RULE OF LAW.

They think that violence is the answer to everything. They forget that India is a constitutional democracy and violence is a CRIME.

What's the difference between them and the Mussolini fascists on whom RSS was modelled? (I keep getting some people on this blog or elsewhere who say that I am exaggerating the FASCIST links of RSS/VHP. But these are not hidden links. RSS founders praised Hiter, RSS founders followed Mussolini's methods, its student leaders like Vivek Garg openly praise Hitler as "dev" (god), and its representatives (see below image) are doing PRECISELY what the fascists did to take over Germany.)

Togadia is the boss of VHP – an organisation that has routinely resorted to violence (without being punished). VHP destroyed the Babri Masjid but I don't know if any one was punished.

Now Togadia is supporting VIOLENCE PUBLICLY on Twitter:

Sorry, Togadia. DESTROYING paintings is not called "opposing". It is a CRIME.Destruction of other's property is a CRIME. Don't you know this basic fact?

Yes, I totally condemn the killings of Indian soldiers by Pakistan. And salute the brave soldiers of India who are keeping the pressure on, to defend India. And I am with you if you hold a non-violent protest outside the venue. That's within Indians' rights as citizens of a democracy – to express feelings through peaceful means.

But destroying paintings is not "opposition"? It is called taking the law in one's own hands. You have now become a supporter if not abettor to the crime.

And btw, are you suggesting that the Indian armed force/foreign services are fools? I'm sure they are doing whatever is necessary to control Pakistan's killings of Indian soldiers. If a person like you were put in charge, you'd go and press a nuclear button at once, killing millions. People like you are UNFIT to run public policy. There are surely spies and other secret activities being undertaken by India to pin Pakistan down. It is NOT necessary to have an all-out war with Pakistan. There are other ways to degrade its mischievous military. Please allow those who have BETTER SENSE THAN YOU to run the country.

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