Angrezon ke Pille The pro-British imperialism ‘Hindu’ Taliban: rss, its parivaar and associates

RSS infuriated by 14 MLAs who condemned the Ayodhya demolition

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10.2RSS infuriated by 14 MLAs who condemned the Ayodhya demolition

“Shekhawat absorbed a splinter group of fourteen MLAs from the Janata Dal under the leadership of Digvijay Singh and all fourteen were given BJP tickets from their constituencies in the elections the following year (Jaffrelot 1996:518). As Jenkins reports (1994), such moves infuriated the more orthodox “RSS faction” of the party under the leadership of Lalit Kishor Chaturvedi” [Norbert Peabody, ‘Inchoate in Kota? Contesting Authority Through a North Indian Pageant-Play, American Ethnologist, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Aug., 1997), pp. 559-584]

11.Propagation of bigotry and false knowledge

11.1Allegedly all Indians are Hindu – but never the Muslims

From my blog post here:

RSS purports to use Hindutva in the geographical sense. It even claims that all Indians are Hindu.

1) RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's comment

2) All India Publicity In-Charge of RSS, Manmohan Vaidya's comment

So far so good. I have no objection to using Hindu in the geographical sense. I call myself Scientific Hindu in the GEOGRAPHICAL sense – seeking to imbibe the very best from the great land of my birth: its tolerance, its critical thought, its religious freedom.

But note how quickly the true colours of RSS come to the fore. Each time it is busy pushing the TEMPLE agenda. The temple, if RSS doesn't know, is NOT a geographical but religious symbol. 

If all Indians are Hindu, why is Babri Masjid not Hindu? Why does RSS want a Ram temple? Why not rebuild the Babri Masjid which was destroyed by its brother organisation VHP?

RSS can fool some people some of the time but not all people all the time. 

RSS is a fanatical "Hindu" (in a very distorted religious sense) political organisation that has been frequently involved (behind the scenes) in violence. Let India be very clear about that.

11.2Strong discouragement of free thought

“In an aggressively Hindu manual entitled Lathi shiksha (n.d.) Mohan Lal emphasizes the discipline required of the trainee… “There is no strength in individuality. Strength is only achieved once that individual falls into line and obeys orders.” [Joseph S. Alter, ‘Somatic Nationalism: Indian Wrestling and Militant Hinduism, Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Jul., 1994), pp. 557-588]

11.3Bigotry being propagaged in villages across India

1. “The RSS has started village-level educational units that enable teachers well-versed in the ideology of Hindutva to live with and instruct minority communities about their nation, heritage, and civilization. It is estimated that there are at least 2.4 million pupils and 80,000 teachers in these Vidya Bharati schools run by the RSS-VHP coalition. And “much of the text being taught” in such schools “is designed to promote bigotry and religious fanaticism in the name of inculcating knowledge of [Indian/Hindu] culture in the younger generation.” (The Asian Age (28 August 2000) 3) – from Sathianathan Clarke, Hindutva, Religious and Ethnocultural Minorities, and Indian-Christian Theology, The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 95, No. 2 (Apr., 2002), pp. 197-226.

11.4The Batra fiasco (Dina Nath Batra, national executive of the RSS education wing, Vidya Bharat)

Lessons on how ‘gau seva’ begets kids, why not to say ‘professor’

"In his book, Tejomay Bharat, which was made compulsory reading in Gujarat schools, Batra, convenor of Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti, has said, “.America wants to take the credit for invention of stem cell research, but the truth is that India’s Dr Balkrishna Ganpat Matapurkar has already got a patent for regenerating body parts. You would be surprised to know that this research is not new and that Dr Matapurkar was inspired by the Mahabharata. Kunti had a bright son like the sun itself. When Gandhari, who had not been able to conceive for two years, learnt of this, she underwent an abortion. From her womb a huge mass of flesh came out. (Rishi) Dwaipayan Vyas was called. He observed this hard mass of flesh and then he preserved it in a cold tank with specific medicines. He then divided the mass of flesh into 100 parts and kept them separately in 100 tanks full of ghee for two years. After two years, 100 Kauravas were born of it. On reading this, he (Matapurkar) realised that stem cell was not his invention. This was found in India thousands of years ago.” The book carries a customised message from Modi, as then Gujarat Chief Minister. [Indian Express;October 28,2014].

11.5Modi’s Ganesha plastic surgery debacle

A great RSS leader’s scientific wisdom: “a plastic surgeon fixed an elephant’s head on Ganesha” (Addendum 27 October 2014)

11.6India: Under Modi, RSS outfits want a hindutva laced education system


RSS leaders meet Smriti Irani, seek revamp of India’s education system New Delhi, October 30, 2014

India: Delhi University asked to purge Left slant in all history textbooks (Mail Today | New Delhi, October 22, 2014)

India Under the Modi Regime: Delhi University’s Sanskrit dept project to prove Aryans were not foreigners

education: saffronisation - Test-Tubes In Hastinapur

Myth and epic are being introduced as fact into school curricula of states

Religion, culture and values

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