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Turn-by-turn Guide

The Start of the Turn

  1. Introduce any new Operations cards (A).

  2. Check number of ‘Operations cards per pack’ for this turn (A).

  3. Each player organizes their own Operations pack for the coming Operations section.

  4. Determine the First Player.

Operations Section

  1. Turn over top card in player’s Operations pack.

    1. If a Command card – transfer on Column marker to another force OR exchange Column markers between two forces (units involved may not have already moved this turn).

    2. If a 5th Column card – select any one force (NOT a column) and move it – the force may not attack.

    3. If a Column card – detach any units not being moved – move the Column – if the Column enters an enemy-occupied region, resolve combat.

    4. If a blank card – no operations possible.

  2. If the next player (clockwise) has any Operations cards still to play, return to Step 5.

The End of the Turn

  1. Has either alliance won a ‘decisive victory’? – if so, the game is over.

  2. Has either alliance won this Turn? – if so, advance the winner’s Victory Marker (B).

  3. Column Reorganization: ‘combine any Columns/forces occupying the same region; bring any off-map Column markers back into play (at any time between now and the end of the turn).

New Units

  1. Direct Aid – each faction controlling 5 or fewer Victory tokens consults the Direct Aid section; other factions go to Step 15.

Direct Aid

  1. Refer to the Direct Aid Table.

  2. Choose any minor units called for by Step 11.

  3. Draw (randomly) any major units called for by Step 11.

  4. Roll once on the Crisis Table for each major unit that cannot be brought into play.

  1. Set Recruitment: deploy - 4 FNLA Infantry Units in Zaire

- 4 UNITA Infantry Units in South Africa

- FAPLA/MPLA chooses one option (C).

  1. Variable Recruitment: deploy on Infantry Unit per recruitment point (1 point per city, ½ point per town, ignore Luanda/Cabinda).

  2. Secretly place bids for Reinforcement Cards.

  3. If either alliance wins a ‘propaganda victory’, advance their Victory marker one space.

  4. Draw appropriate number of Reinforcement cards; follow instructions; shuffle cards back into pack.

New Units Section Completed

  1. Complete the Turn: return 5 Victory tokens to each player; turn all town/City counters face-up; turn any rocket batteries face-up; remove airgroups from Mission Completed Box and place them off-map.

  2. Move Turn Marker one space; return to Step 1.

Notes: (A) see ‘Turn Record’ (on map)

(B) 1 space for 11 or 12 Victory Tokens; 2 spaces for 13 or 14 Victory Tokens; 3 spaces for 15 or more

(C) Either: 2 Infantry Units in Luanda and 1 Infantry Unit in Cabinda (if still held)

3 Infantry Units in Luanda and no Infantry Units in Cabinda

2 Infantry units in Cabinda and NO Infantry Units in Luanda


Combat Guide
Combat Preparation

* Does the attacker win an automatic victory (odds of 6-1 or better, and defender not in a Column)?

    • If YES, the entire defending force is destroyed; refer only to Combat sections marked ‘*’.

* Does the defending force include a Column marker?

    • If YES, both sides secretly decide how many airgroups they will use.

    • If NO, players announce how many airgroups they will use (defender first).

Both sides reveal ALL UNITS involved in the Combat; missiles and unlaid mines may be kept secret.

Air Combat

* Larger airforce may allocate airgroups to airstrikes; remainder engages smaller airforce in the airwar (A).

    • Resolve the airwar (surviving airgroups are placed in the Mission Completed Box).

* Airgroups which did not fight in the airwar may try to perform airstrikes.

* Remaining airgroups (maximum of two) perform airstrikes; survivors are placed in Mission Competed box.

* 8 Each player may fire 1 battery of artillery/rockets; firing unit is then suppressed.

* Minefields

* If attacker HAS engineers, remove Minefield and suppress one unit of engineers.

* If attacker has NO engineers, roll a number of dice equal to the number of armoured units (tanks/armoured cars) in the attacking force; each ‘1’ rolled destroys one armoured unit (attacker’s choice).
Anti-tank Missiles

* If a player wishes to use Anti-tank missiles, announce (attacker first) how many are to be fired, and then resolve.

Combat Resolution

Step 1: Calculate odds, rounding in the defender’s favour.

Step 2: Calculate NET Combat Dice Bonus (maximum of ‘+5’).

Step3: Roll Combat Dice, select highest and add on NET Combat Dice Bonus (if appropriate); determine the ‘difference’ (attacker’s total minus defender’s total).

Step 4: Consult the Adjustment Table (for shift on Final Result Table).

Step 5: Consult the Final Results Table.
If the Final Result is ‘Combat Continues’, then the attacker has the option to retreat (go to RETREAT) or to destroy one attacking unit. Then the defender has the option to retreat (go to RETREAT) or to destroy on defending unit. If both sides still have units in the Combat region, then return to Step 1 of Combat Resolution.
Remove all losses, turn all suppressed units face-up, and resolve retreats.

* A retreating attacker always retreats back to the ‘Attacker’s Region’.

* A defending force which cannot retreat is destroyed.

* If the defending force retreats through difficult terrain, all tanks, heavy artillery and rocket batteries are destroyed.

* If the defending force retreats into a hostile ‘retreat zone’, a ‘half-destroyed penalty’ then applies.

Note: the presence of a friendly unit negates a hostile ‘retreat zone’.

* A defending force can retreat adjacent to the Attacker’s region ONLY IF NO OTHER REGION is available; a ‘half-destroyed penalty’ then applies.

* The attacker must detach one unit from the Column used in the Combat; if that Column contains EIGHT OR MORE units, two must be detached.

* Town/City Transfer

* If a Town, city or Luanda changes hands, pass over the appropriate marker and 1, 2 or 3 Victory tokens respectively.

Notes: (A) Larger airforce must use AT LEAST the same number of airgroups in the airwar as the defender.

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