Anglo Saxons Quiz

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Anglo Saxons Quiz

Go to the following website:

Have a really good look through the different sections and watch some of the videos if you like (you will need headphones). Then work in a two or three to complete the quiz. I would like you to write the answers to the questions in a Word document. You need to write full sentence answers. Make sure you keep saving your quiz answers in your folder.

  1. When did the Romans arrive in Britain?

  2. When did they leave?

  3. After the Romans left, who came?

  4. Where did the new people come from?

  5. What did the Romans call the people outside their rule?

  6. Describe the way in which Anglo Saxons lived.

  7. How was the religion of the Anglo Saxons different to that of the people in Britain?

  8. How did the Romans try to defend Britain from the invaders?

  9. Where did the Anglo Saxons tend to settle in Britain?

  10. What type of houses did the Saxons build?

  11. Describe what an Anglo Saxon house was like inside.

  12. How did they make clothes?

  13. What type of things did they wear?

  14. Name some of the jobs that children had to do during Anglo Saxon times.

  15. Name the items that woodworkers, potters and jewellers made.

  16. What was one of the favourite things Anglo Saxons liked to do in their spare time?

  17. Summarise the story of Beowulf.

  18. Whilst the storyteller told the story, what else would be happening?

  19. How did Anglo Saxons write?

  20. Write a riddle like the Anglo Saxons.

  21. What kind of foods and drinks were to be had at feasts?

  22. What rule in the swimming races is a bit different to rules nowadays?

  23. Name the 5 important Anglo Saxon kingdoms.

  24. What did a strong leader become known as?

  25. What exciting discovery was made in 1939?

  26. Who was Offa and what did he do?

  27. Name some of the crimes.

  28. Describe some of the punishments.

  29. What is the difference between a freeman and a slave?

  30. Who was the most famous Anglo Saxon king and what did he do?

For the remaining sections:

I would like you to come up with your own quiz questions. When you have written your quiz, swap with another group and try to answer each other’s questions.

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