Anglo-irish jump classifications 2015-2016

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This is the seventeenth full Anglo-Irish Jump Classification. It classifies the best steeplechasers and hurdlers that were trained in either Britain or Ireland during the 2015-2016 season, or in France if that performance was achieved in Britain or Ireland. It is not a handicap but a retrospective measurement of best sustainable performances during the recent season so there may be differences from current handicap marks.

The classifications are for all chasers and hurdlers down to a rating of 140. The steeplechasers are divided into distance categories of 2 miles to 2 miles 2.5 furlongs, 2 miles 3 furlongs to 2 miles 6.5 furlongs and 2 miles 7 furlongs plus. They are included in the list in which the handicappers believe they have put up their best performance. Champions (Vautour) are included twice if they have put up their best performance in more than one category.

The hurdle categories are similar except that they are divided into two distances of 2 miles to 2 miles 2.5 furlongs and 2 miles 3 furlongs plus.

There is a separate classification identifying Novices rated above 140. Juvenile Hurdlers are included in the Novice section.

Horses trained in Ireland have * appended after their name. Horses trained in France but have a performance at 140+ in Great Britain or Ireland have ** appended after their name. Mares are in italics.

The ratings were agreed and compiled by;

Phillip Smith Great Britain

Noel O’Brien Ireland

David Dickinson Great Britain

Martin Greenwood Great Britain

Andrew Shaw Ireland

Mark Olley Great Britain

Chris Nash Great Britain

Graeme Smith Great Britain

Michael Harris Great Britain

The Handicappers are grateful for the assistance provided by

Eric Castela France-Galop

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