Angel: Seaquakes are the most logical explanation of why the crew of the Mary Celeste disappeared

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Angel: The Mary Celeste. A ghost ship that has been found sailing alone. Theories range from Sea quake to pirate attack. The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship, and was originally launched under the name “Amazon” The Mary Celeste was found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean on Dec 4, 1872 with no captain and/or crew aboard. The boat was drifting alone for over 1 week and a lifeboat was missing. The last ship log was dated November 24, 1872. This boat is American, and has been since 1869

Anna: The boat was found in first class condition, but not a single body was found on the ship. Everything on the boat indicated that the crew would return. The ship’s papers and chronometer were missing. On the boat was 1,700 barrels of pure alcohol worth $35,000 per barrel.

Jennifer: Many different situations could have happened. One theory is a pirate attack. The only evidence for this theory was the sword and dagger under Captain Briggs’ bed. However, no blood was found on the sword when it was tested.

Jennifer: Another theory was the entire crew falling overboard. A big wave may have knocked the boat over enough to make the crew and a lifeboat fall over board.

Anna. The most reasonable theory was seaquakes. The ship sailed near the Azores islands, a dangerous seaquake area. This area is where the worlds 3 tectonic plates meet. (the North American plate, the African plate, and the Eurasian plate) When the Mary Celeste sailed through the seaquake area, Captain Briggs thought the ship was sinking and ordered the crew into the lifeboat.
Jennifer: Unfortunately, they forgot to secure a line to the Mary Celeste. They tried to go after it to avoid the shame of losing the ship and its cargo instead of seeking safety. They never made it to the ship. Some time later, five highly decomposed bodies were found on the shores of Spain... with an American flag.
Angel: Seaquakes are the most logical explanation of why the crew of the Mary Celeste disappeared.



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