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Andrew Jackson Movie Notes

Andrew Jackson History Channel Episode

  • Called “Old Hickory”

  • Very good fighter

  • January 8, 1815 Andrew Jackson and army won the battle of New Orleans

  • In 1781, when Jackson 14, taken as prisoner by British.

  • When officer says clean my boots, Jackson says know and is hit in head by sword. This begins Jackson’s hatred for British.

  • Got small pocks in British camp and mother Elizabeth got them out. Had to walk many miles to get home. Older brother died

  • Jackson almost died in his cabin in NC, but survived through his mother nurturing him

  • Raised by relatives after mom died from disease

  • When guardian tries to hit him, Jackson retaliates and says “if you hit me, you are a dead man”

  • Earned money from gambling

  • Educates himself in law

Jackson’s Presidency

  • Jackson takes Florida from Spanish without order before presidency

  • Although didn’t like Spanish and native Americans, he HATED the British for good reasons

  • Becomes governor of Florida

  • Got sick and became outraged with political corruption in government

  • Rachel Jackson nurtures him back to health

  • He decided he wanted to run for president

  • Electors are chosen by state voters so they are sort of directly voting in 1824

  • He got most votes out of candidates, but.

  • Electors choose final president from top 3

  • Henry Clay gives support to John Quincy Adams and Adams names Henry clay becomes secretary of state

  • Jackson and supporters are very angry and think they should have won

  • Starts to campaign for next presidency in 1825.

  • Other candidates criticize Jackson for his affairs with Rachel and say horrible things about his wife and mother

  • Jackson wins next presidency in November 1828

  • On December 22 of that year Rachel Jackson dies

  • Goes into deep depression and thinks that political enemies killed Rachel

  • Inaugurated in March with a massive happy crowd

  • Reveals Jacksonian democracy to congress and America

  • Remove Native Americans from East to West

  • Takes away US bank

  • Do away with electoral college

  • Does away with paper money. Uses hard money… gold, silver. Money that is actually worth something.

  • Agenda too ambitious in the early part of his presidency

  • Turns attention to federal/state government arguments. Nullification.

  • North Carolina wants to break apart from U.S. if they have to follow federal laws

  • Jackson threatens NC and they did not try

  • Thinks bank is unconstitutional and gave too much power to private bankers, not American people

  • Clay and head of bank Biddel try to renew bank charter right before next election so Jackson does not want to veto it and look like jerk so he doesn’t get re-elected

  • Cut himself to relieve stress/bacteria and headaches

  • However, Jackson vetoes it and he wins next election

  • Biddel fires back and raises interest rates to annoy Jackson

  • Takes gold and silver and puts it into state banks

  • Pays off national debt by selling off land from LA purchase to Americans

  • Proudest moment as president is paying off the debt

  • Wanted to fulfill the common man’s interest and president

  • Gets Indian removal act through congress – 1830

  • This takes away all Indian land and takes away all treaties

  • Very vicious act and he hates Native Americans who don’t fit in

  • Cherokees he fought with earlier very angry with him – leads to Trail of Tears in 1837. 10,000 Native Americans die on the Trail of Tears.

  • Opponents attacked Jackson by saying he was destroying democracy

  • Jan. 30, 1835 - Richard Lawrence, unemployed house painter tries to assassinate Jackson but fails. Jackson was 67 years of age.

  • Martin Van Buren (his protégé) becomes the next president.

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