André Krouwel (November 3, 1964)

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Selected publications

Krouwel, A.P.M. & Kutiyski, Y. (2014). Narrowing the Gap: Explaining the Increasing Competitiveness of the Venezuelan Opposition. Latin American Politics and Society, 56 (Winter 2014).

Krouwel, A.P.M. & Wall, M.T. (2014). From text to the construction of political party landscapes. A hybrid methodology developed for Voting Advice Applications. In B. Kaal, I. Maks & A Elfrinkhof (Eds.), From Text to Political Positions. Text analysis across disciplines (Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture,) (pp. 275-296). Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Pol, J. van de, Kamoen, N., Holleman, B., Vreese, C. de & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2014). Beyond young, highly educated males: A typology of VAA users. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 11(4).

Bale, T & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2013). Down but not out: a comparison of Germany’s CDU/CSU with Christian Democratic parties in Austria, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. German Politics, 22(1-2 (Special Issue: Mapping the Transformation: The CDU in Flux)), 16-45.

Fazekas, Z., Wall, M.T. & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2013). Is it what you say, or how you say it? An experimental analysis of the effects of invitation wording for online surveys. International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Krouwel, A.P.M. & Elfrinkhof, A.M.E. van (2013). Combining strengths of methods of party positioning to counter their weaknesses: the development of a new methodology to calibrate parties on issues and ideological dimensions. Quality and Quantity, 48(3), 1455-1472.

Krouwel, A.P.M., Vitiello, T. & Wall, M.. (2014). Voting Advice Applications as Campaign Actors: Mapping VAAs’ Interactions with Parties, Media and Voters. In D. Garzia & S. Marschall (Eds.), Matching Voters with Parties and Candidates. Voting Advice Applications in a Comparative Perspective (pp. 67-78). Colchester: ECPR Press.

Startin, N. & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2013). Euroscepticism re-galvanized: The consequences of the 2005 French and Dutch rejections of the EU constitution. Journal of Common Market Studies, 51(1), 65-84. 10.1111/j.1468-5965.2012.02301.x

Krouwel, A.P.M., Wall, M.T. & Vitiello, T. (2012). The practicalities of issuing vote advice: a new methodology for profiling and matching. International Journal of Electronic Governance, 5(3/4), 223-243.

Krouwel, A.P.M., Wall, M.T. & Vitiello, T. (2012). Do voters follow the recommendations of voter advice application websites? A study of the effects of on its users’ vote choices in the 2010 Dutch legislative elections. Party Politics.

Krouwel, A.P.M. (2012). Party Transformations in European democracies. Albany: SUNY Press (State University of New York Press). Nominated for the Stein Rokkan Award.

Krouwel, A.P.M., Bale, Tim, Green-Pedersen, Christoffer, Luther, Kurt Richard & Sitter, Nick (2010). If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them? Explaining Social Democratic Responses to the Challenge from the Populist Radical Right in Western Europe. Political Studies, 58(3), 410-423.

Arian, A., Krouwel, A.P.M., Pol, M. & Ventura, R. (2010). The Election Compass: Party profiling and voter attitudes. In A. Arian & M. Shamir (Eds.), The Elections in Israel 2009 (The Elections in Israel since 1969) (pp. 275-298). New Jersey, USA: Transaction Books.

Kersbergen, C.J. van & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2008). A double-edged sword!: The Dutch centre-right and the 'foreigners issue'. Journal of European Public Policy, 15(3), 398-414. 10.1080/13501760701847655

Krouwel, A.P.M. & Lucardie, P. (2008). Waiting in the wings: New parties in the Netherlands. Acta Politica, 43(2-3), 278-307. 10.1057/ap.2008.9

Krouwel, A.P.M. & Abts, K. (2007). Varieties of Euroscepticism and populist mobilization: Transforming attitudes from mild Euroscepticism to harsh Eurocynicism. Acta Politica, 42(2-3), 252-270. 10.1057/palgrave.ap.5500187

Krouwel, A.P.M. (2006). Party models. In R.S. Katz & W. Crotty (Eds.), Handbook on party politics (pp. 249-269). London: Sage.

Fiers, S. & Krouwel, A.P.M. (2005). The low countries: from prime minister to president-minister. In P. Webb & T. Poguntke (Eds.), The presidentialization of politics: a comparative study of modern democracies (Series Comparative Politics) (pp. 128-158). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Krouwel, A.P.M. (2003). Measuring presidentialism and parliamentarism: An Application to Central and East European Countries. Acta Politica, 38(4), 333-364. 10.1057/palgrave.ap.5500041

Krouwel, A.P.M. (2003). Otto Kirchheimer and the catch-all party. West European Politics, 26(2), 23-40.

Total number of publications: 90

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