Andersonville Prison Paper Assignment Value 50 points Assignment

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Andersonville Prison Paper
Assignment Value - 50 points
Assignment – Answer one of the questions below in a minimum of 5 paragraphs. If the question can be answered as an “essay” do so, if it can be answered as a “letter” that is acceptable. You MUST answer option 1, 2, 3, or 4 for the minimum number of points for this assignment to pass. Alternatively you can choose to answer Options 5, 6, or 7 instead for additional points, but will be expected to do the additional research.
Option 1: Throughout the film soldiers continue to ask about being paroled or exchanged. In your opinion, what role did this play in maintaining order within the prison? What affect did stopping the exchange of prisoners have on the Civil War? What reasons were given to explain the ending of the exchange of prisoners?
Option 2: Take the role of any character in the film. This can be a guard, a tunnel traitor, a tunneler and escapee, a raider, or whatever other valid role you choose. In the form of a letter home or a diary entry, explain your role in the prison, and give a full explanation or defense of your personal conduct. It is necessary to describe the roles of others in doing this.
Option 3: Several forms of “currency” were used in the film to aid prisoners in maintaining themselves through their incarceration. Explain these several forms of currency and how each helped the soldier survive. Currency does not always mean money.
Option 4: Captain Henry Wirz was the only person tried and convicted for “War Crimes” during the Civil War for his command of the prison camp at Andersonville. He was hanged for his crime. You can find images of the hanging online if you wish. In your opinion do you think this was just or fair. Why or why not?
Option 5: This option will earn you extra points, 90 possible. Through additional research find photographs of Andersonville prison and/or first person accounts from prisoners there. Compare the original photographs with the way the prison was presented in the film. Compare what your impression of the prison was from the film with the impression you get from the images or other accounts. Show your research in a bibliography.
Option 6: This option will earn you extra points, 90 possible. Through additional research compare life in Northern prisons such as Elmira, New York or Camp Douglas, Illinois, with Andersonville. Compare the number of prisoners held with number of prisoners who died, include photos if possible, and be thorough. Show your research in a bibliography.
Options 7: This option will earn you extra points, 90 possible. Through additional research compare and contrast life in Andersonville, a prison for enlisted men, with life in a southern prison for officers such a Libby Prison in Richmond. Show your research in a bibliography.

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Andersonville Movie Questions: 50 Points
1. Where are the prisoners first captured?

2. What do they call new prisoners at Andersonville?

3. Describe two ways a person can tell that the South is in poor shape as far as supplies for the war.
4. What is one way that runaway prisoners are punished?
5. What is the "dead line"?

6. Where are the soldiers who are digging the tunnel from?

7. What state are the new diggers from?

8. How much does it cost a prisoner to mail a letter out of Andersonville?

9. What are "graybacks"?

10. How are the prisoners supposed to get drinking water in the prison?

11. What do the soldiers do most often for fresh drinking water?

12. How many men would it take to beat the raiders?

13. Who are the men supposed to contact if they manage to escape, so they can tell about the prison?

14. How do they mark a person who tries to tell the Rebs about a tunnel? Why?

15. In general, explain why the soldiers kept at Andersonville were in such terrible conditions. Who is to blame, the South who has no resources or ther North who stopped the prisoner exchange?

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