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Jewish veterans, local ACLU latest to sue over cross

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Jewish veterans, local ACLU latest to sue over cross

"The local chapter of The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit yesterday to force the Mount Soledad cross to be moved in the latest challenge over the La Jolla landmark's constitutionality. The suit, filed in San Diego federal court on behalf of a national Jewish war veterans organization and three San Diego residents, is the newest development in an increasingly high-profile, 17-year legal battle over the cross." 
Religious symbols and forms of expression that Jews find threatening have been almost completely eliminated from schools and other public institutions. Suits brought by the ACLU, an organization whose leadership and membership are predominantly Jewish, secured federal court decisions banning officially sanctioned prayers in the public schools and crèches and other religious displays in parks and public buildings.”-- Jewish scholar Benjamin Ginsberg, John Hopkins University

- a Star of David or Menorah is somehow acceptable. 

The separation of church and state does not apply to everyone. 
To exemplify this they are now building a Star of David memorial on State land - at taxpayer's expense.
Holocaust memorial with Star Of David Design wins approval to be built on Ohio Statehouse

"The $1.8 million memorial was approved Thursday by the state Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, which oversees and maintains the Ohio Statehouse. It's believed to be the first Holocaust memorial planned for the grounds of any U.S. statehouse. The state is to pay for site preparations.
We have been tricked, bamboozled and lied to. America has been looted of both its treasures and its Constitution. Vast numbers of American families are losing their homes, their jobs, their investments, their rights to privacy, security and prosperity and accepting this as though it were just a rough patch in life.


This is much more than a rough patch. These thieving monsters are stealing your life, destroying America and the world as you know it.


If we do not wake up the sleeping masses, inform the uninformed and alert the entire world to stop these globalist conspirators, the world will never be the same for you, your family, and any future generations which may survive. These greed grabbing globalists are purposely destroying the America we love, as just - one more step - in their long sought conquest of control over the entire planet - and that should command our full attention!

More than one President has tried to expose this massive conspiracy:
For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy ..... It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.” -- President John F. Kennedy
If you have not yet been made aware, this report will forever change your life.

Please read this consensus fully, top to bottom, view a few videos, 

then consider for yourself how radically out of balance the power structure has become in today's American society?

A coup is defined as a seizure of power and if this isn't a seizure of power, I don't know what else to call it. 


I was reading the report of a friend who had ended her military career at the Pentagon, and was alarmed to see her "first hand" perception, that the American government is being surreptitiously controlled by both the Israelis and an extensive network of globalist American and international Zionists, and most-but-not-all of this leadership is Jewish: bankers, corporate magnates, Hollywood heavies, media moguls, think tanks and lawyers, colluding with government insiders, foreign military, and a massive army of lobbyists, strategically situated to control every action of our sycophantic Congress. 

This startling revelation of a government takeover demanded a closer look - and even a rudimentary investigation quickly uncovered an amazing entanglement of Zionist penetration. The Zionists are now positioned to direct Congress, control finance, manipulate the media and systematically redefine America and the world we live in - for their personal amusement.
"While the US Intelligence Community (IC) considers Israel the greatest threat to America’s national interests, there are about 7,500 US officials “who do Israel’s bidding,” serving Tel Aviv’s interests with no reservation." -- Dr. Franklin Lamb, Middle East expert and commentator
From the surface to the murky depths our government, our banks, our media and our society have been inundated with a self-serving power structure of a carefully assembled criminal class, reshaping America's laws and actions to fit their ultimate agenda - to stealthily manipulate us toward a New World Order - an oligarchic collectivist world government of totalitarian control - under a central world banking system. 
"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences."-- Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) Professor of History at Georgetown University, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton Source: in his book Tragedy and Hope, 1966, pg 324 
Gangster State America – Paul Craig Roberts

"Professor Martin Gilens at Princeton University and Professor Benjamin Page of Northwestern University have examined American governance and have concluded that the US is an oligarchy ruled by powerful rich private interest groups and that the US government has only a superficial resemblance to a democracy."
Even Fed Chair Janet Yellen Admits America Is an Oligarchy

Video here: 

In preparation for this grievous injustice, these NWO globalists are recklessly destroying our economy, collapsing the dollar, dismantling our Constitution, disabling our Bill of Rights; turning their backs on the American principals of truth, justice, liberty and decency - while embracing endless war, torture, indefinite detention and assassination. There are mortgage failures, banking failures, environmental crises, food crises, health crisis, immigration crisis, weather crises, and war after war after war... 

Globalization, deindustrialization, offshore banking and corporate out-sourcing have steadily drained the United States of all cash and self-sustaining industry - and with one purpose 

- to bring America to its knees. 
"NAFTA and CAFTA have removed millions of jobs from our country. Eighty-six percent of our manufacturing base is gone."-- Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show
We are seeing massive corporate manipulation of our governance; a progressively-aggressive insatiable greediness which is encroaching on all things decent; crushing Main Street America - while the power players and bankers reap enormous benefits for themselves. 

This very lop-sided anti-American NWO alliance of scalawags is proving to be very dangerous for America and for the American people. 

Look at this research and if you follow it, it continues to uncover layer upon layer, upon layer... 
everywhere, in every way, America's levers of influence have been taken over - to an extent which is simply amazing!
This important information could be greatly broadened to include many other industries dominated by people who seem to have their personal success staked in the lingering death of the American republic. We should look not just at the directors, but the assistant directors and under secretaries, the support staffs for nearly all governmental departments, you will be amazed at the depths of control; the think tanks, the ambassadorships, the neocons and neoliberals, an impressively long list of major corporations, big media, big pharma, the banks, the Fed, the diamond and gold industries, the military industrial complex, Homeland Security, the IRS, DHS, NSA, FEMA, the Federal courts, the legal professions, the university directors and professorships, American Federation of Teachers - the very select group of people who develop our children's educational materials, the latest additions to the Supreme Court...
American Federation of Teachers - Randi Weingarten, President

In 1986, Weingarten became counsel to Sandra Feldman, then-president of the UFT. (United Federation of Teachers)

considers herself a deeply religious JewOn October 11, 2007, Weingarten publicly announced she is a lesbian. Weingarten introduced Liz Margolies, 54, a psychotherapist and health care activist, as her partner while accepting the Empire State Pride Agenda's 2007 Community Service Award by Christine Quinn. As of December, 2012, she was involved with Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah. -- all are Jewish 
The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School


and we must consider the tremendous failure of our Congress, dominated in power, seniority and media exposure by one group. 

Is there a Zionist infiltration of our Congress? Consider an amazing ten, Israel-first, dual-loyalist Congress critters from California alone. 

When it comes to equal representation it seems the great state of California has gone kosher: the late Tom Lantos, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Jane Harmon (resigned 2011), Henry Waxman, Howard Berman, Susan Davis, Alan Lowenthal, Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, Bob Filner - the former Congressman, now the disgraced ex-Mayor of San Diego. His father, Joseph Filner, was a leading member of the Communist Party USA -- all are Jewish 

Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist”-- Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee 

According to the Washington Report in Middle East Affairs, Berman has received throughout his congressional career over 115 thousand dollars from pro-Israel PACs.

- and you may as well throw in an eleventh, former Speaker of the House and wannabee Jewish, Nancy Pelosi (also from California) whose daughter lives in Israel - gushes"I have more Jewish grandchildren than anyone."   Read it here:
"My daughter is Catholic. My son-in-law is Jewish," she said. "Last week I celebrated my birthday and my grandchildren--ages 4 and 6--called to sing 'Happy Birthday.' And the surprise, the real gift, was that they sang it in Hebrew." -- Nancy Pelosi, (D - Calif)

- and how about the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden? 

Biden declares, "I am a Zionist"

"The fact that Joe Biden, with a long record of supporting Israel, is Obama's vice president-elect and Rahm Emanuel is his chief of staff - I'm not sure what reassurance anyone needs that the president-elect when he is president will remain a close ally of the State of Israel and the people of Israel."-- Michael Bauer, Jewish Chicago political activist
- and the Senate Majority Leader? 

Senators Hatch and Reid: Mormons With Mezuzahs 

(Mezuzahs are affixed by many Jewish households to their door frames in conformity with Jewish law and as a sign of their faith.) "Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s wife, Landra (née Gould), was raised Jewish, and the Reid family has a mezuzah on the doorpost of their Searchlight, Nev. home in honor of that heritage, a spokeswoman for Senator Reid confirmed."
- and how about the House Majority Leader? (to July 2014)

Rep. Eric Cantor’s Jewish Story

(Convicted felon, Jack) "Abramoff threw a fund-raiser for Cantor at his kosher deli and named a sandwich 

roast beef on challah — after the congressman in 2003, two years before the scandal erupted."

- and the current Minority Whip - wannabee Jewish, Steny Hoyer - who has now been to Israel thirteen times

(this supposed Baptist is so sycophantic to Judaism, he actually wins Jewish awards and leads tour groups of Congressmen through their Israeli indoctrination)

NJDC Honors Majority Leader Steny Hoyer with Tikkun Olam Award

"WASHINGTON, DC – Tonight, the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC), the national voice for Jewish Democrats, is honoring Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD), House of Representatives Majority Leader with the NJDC Tikkun Olam Award for his outstanding leadership and his deep relationship with the Jewish community."
81 congressmen to visit Israel in coming weeks!

"House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) will head the Democratic delegation, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) will lead one of the Republican groups." 
American congressman: US economic woes won’t affect Israel  "Hoyer said he did not believe America’s financial challenges would have “any adverse effect on the economic relationship, or assistance, that we give to Israel.” Hoyer said this assessment was bipartisan, and that a similar message will be brought to Israel next week when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (RVirginia) will head up two Republican delegations, numbering 55 congressmen, to the country."

Not only are they running the show, Jews also chair the major committees.

Chair of Homeland Security - Senator Joseph Lieberman

Chair of House Finance Committee - Senator Barney Frank

Chair of Senate Armed Services Committee - Senator Carl Levin

Chair of House Ways and Means Committee - Senator Sander Levin

Chair of Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security - Senator Charles Schumer

Chair of the Senate Public Works Committee - Senator Barbara Boxer

Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee - Senator Henry Waxman

Co-chairs of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees - Senators Diane Feinstein and Jane Harmon

Co-chairs of the House Foreign Affairs Committee - Senator Howard Berman and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Flashback: Chuck Schumer, Al Franken sign letter demanding IRS target Tea Party groups in 2012

Schumer Calls for Using IRS to Curtail Tea Party Activities

Democratic senator says Obama should bypass Congress, use executive powers

Emails reveal IRS plot to jail conservatives

'Department of Justice is now implicated and conflicted in the IRS scandal'

Who do we see at the IRS targeting conservatives, Tea Party groups, patriots or anyone who supports the Constitution?

Head of the IRS - Douglas Shulman - term ended in 2012; replaced for the interim by his personal assistant, Acting Commissioner Steven Miller. 

Miller was leaving in June 2013, but was conveniently fired for his part in the Tea Party scandal. He has been replaced by Daniel Werfel, a senior official at the Office of Management and Budget. Later testimony brought forth Faris Fink, commissioner of the IRS small business and self-employed division.

The one who let the cat out and then pleaded the fifth, Senior Executive in charge of the IRS Tax Exemption Department, Lois Lerner. 

Later, Gregory Roseman, Deputy Director of Acquisitions, also pleaded the fifth, regarding panel findings alleging he helped a friend procure potentially $500 million worth of IRS contracts.
The Obama administration went up the ladder to find a figurehead to fire Miller, that perk went to Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew.

The investigation of criminal overreach at the IRS will be conducted by the House Ways and Means Committee. 

Chair of House Ways and Means Committee - Senator Sander Levin - everyone mentioned, top to bottom, are Jewish 
On December 20, 2013, John A. Koskinen (married to Patricia Salz, Ph.D) was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to head the Internal Revenue Service as Commissioner of Internal Revenue.
The Real IRS Scandal

In a May 27 article, Larry Klayman, former chairman of the non-profit law firm Judicial Watchwrote, “The three main actors in the burgeoning IRS scandal, Doug Shulman, the former IRS commissioner, Steven Miller, former acting IRS commissioner, and Lois Lerner, former director of exempt organizations, are all Jewish.” Moreover, at (Office of Management and Budget) OMB , Orzsag, Lew and Zients are all Jewish, as is new IRS Commissioner Werfel. Of course, Sunstein is Jewish, while Shulman also met at the White House with health policy advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, also Jewish. Finally, one of the senators that pressured IRS officials into investigating tea party groups was Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer (D-N.Y.), again Jewish. --
The IRS scandal has been exposed, surely there will be a thorough investigation with those involved being reprimanded, fired, maybe even receiving lengthy prison sentences. No, the investigation is given to Department of Justice trial attorney, Barbara Bosserman, another Zionist - and look what happens instead.
IRS’ Lois Lerner’s Punishment for Targeting Political Enemies – Retirement with Full Pension

"Lerner has decided to retire, and she'll be getting full pension benefits, likely worth more than $50,000 

  provided by the very people she and the IRS are alleged to have targeted." 

IRS Lois Lerner Received $129,000 in Bonuses While Targeting Conservatives"

"Over a three-year period, Lerner, the head of the tax-exempt division at the heart of the IRS targeting scandal, received a 25 percent retention bonus—averaging $43,000 a year—on top of her regular salary."
IRS Employees To Receive $62 Million in Bonuses

Payment of these earned awards to employees is an important step in recognizing their valuable contributions to the IRS and the nation”
Cleta Mitchell to Congress: DOJ IRS Investigation Is a Sham

"Isn't it convenient for the Obama Administration that the IRS now says it has suddenly realized it lost Lois Lerner's emails requested by Congress and promised by Commissioner John Koskinen? Do they really expect the American people to believe that, after having withheld these emails for a year, they're just now realizing the most critical time period is missing?" -- House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif 
While patriots, Tea Partiers and Constitutionalists are denied tax exemptions. Look who is given full exemption: Zionists.
IRS Reinstates ZOA as 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization

"In a letter dated May 15, 2013 to the ZOA, the IRS wrote, “We are pleased to inform you that upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to you are deductible under section 170 of the Code. You are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers of gifts under section 2055, 2104, or 2502 of the Code.”
You may think the IRS is abusive now, in 2014 the Internal Revenue Service has become the enforcement arm of Obamacare. Sixteen hundred agents are being funneled in. These agents currently have access to your financial history; they will now have access to your medical history. They will know which prescription drugs you've tried; what treatments or therapies you may have had; your good choices and bad - over the course of a lifetime. You will have no secrets, no privacy and all your personal medical and financial information will be intermingled in the hands of the same tribe who are shown to be seeking control over the entire planet.


There is already a denial of gun ownership to those with a record of medical marijuana usage; veterans with ptsd, psychological impairment or brain injury. Imagine what they might deny because you have a history of therapy, disability, depression or life threatening illness? 

This is rife for abuse. 
Government Increasingly Seeks Access to Private Health Records in Gun Permit Process

Some say Obama is Muslim, but why would a Muslim surround himself with so many Jewish Czars? We now have more czars than imperial Russia. Let's consider Obama's czars: Economic Czar - Larry Summers, Regulatory Czar - Cass Sunstein, Pay Czar - Kenneth Feinberg, Military Jails Czar - Daniel Fried, Car Czars - Steven Rattner and Ron Bloom, Border Czar - Alan Bersin, Great Lakes Czar - Cameron Davis, Workplace Czar - Chai Feldblum, Health Rationing Czar - Dr. Donald Berwick, Food Czar - Sam Kass, Climate Czar - Todd Stern, Global Warming Czar - Carol Browner, Afghanistan Czar - Richard Holbrooke, Central Region Czar - Dennis Ross, Aids Czar - Jeffrey Crowley, Domestic Violence Czar - Lynn Rosenthal, Anti-semitism Czar - Hannah Rosenthal, replaced by Michael Kozak in 2012, replaced by Ira Forman in 2013, Government Performance Czar - Jeffrey Zients, Drug Czar - Gil Kerlikowske, Science Czar - John Holdren -- all are Jewish.

Berwick Sets Up Death Panels By Fiat

"The 2009 charge leveled by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the then-House Minority Leader Boehner that Obama fully intended to set up what Palin termed government "death panels" -- panels that Boehner said would set the government on the road to euthanasia -- is no longer a charge. It's reality. By executive fiat -- in this case a new Medicare rule issued by Obama Medicare chief Dr. Donald Berwick "- Health Rationing Czar

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