Ancient Rome Study Guide Beginning of Rome and Punic wars

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Ancient Rome Study Guide
Beginning of Rome and Punic wars

  1. The Roman Republic was governed by a __________________________, which is two elected officials.

  2. Roman Society was split into two classes the __________________________who were the rich ruling class, and the _______________________who were the poor lower class.

  3. The ________________________was Rome chief governing body.

  4. Early Roman society was based on the __________________________.

  5. The people of ______________________, located in North Africa, wanted to attack Rome. They sent their general Hannibal to attack Rome and he chose to attack by ____________________________not sea.

Julius Cesar and Cesar Augustus

  1. The two men Julius Cesar trusted the most were_____________________and_


  1. The three things we remember Julius Cesar for are




  1. Who was the first Emperor of Rome?_____________________________

  2. Augustus and Julius Cesar are related how?__________________________________


  1. The poet __________________wrote the Aeneid, a poem about Rome and Cesar Augustus

  2. Define Pax Romana-

Rome, Christianity, and the Fall of Rome

  1. The Christians were PERSECUTED in Rome, which means________________________________or____________________________________

  2. Many Christians died from their beliefs making them________________________.

  3. What was the Colosseum?_______________________________________________________

  4. Emperor ____________________________________signed the __________________________of _________________________________making Christianity legal in Rome.

  5. Rome eventually fell into a RECESSION, which is when_______________________________________________________________________________. This led to ______________________________________, when money is worthless.

  6. Two Germanic tribes the ____________________and the _______________________ from the North attacked Rome

  1. Constantine moved the Capital of Rome to ____________________________, named after him this was in the _____________________________Empire, which became the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

  1. Describe the fall of Rome:




  1. What is the heritage of Rome and Greece? What aspects of Roman and Greek culture did the Western world borrow?

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