Ancient Rome: a new Power Rises

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Roman *m__t__o__o__y teaches that the city was founded in 753bce by R__m__l__s, one of two b__o__h__rs raised by a w______ after he and his t______ brother were thrown into the T__b__r River. The a__c__a__o__o__i__al evidence indicates that Rome has been occupied since about 1500bce.

Roman warriors united most of the Italian peninsula through f__r_e and p__r__u__si__n. The city was almost constantly at w____, but unlike most other cities at that time, Rome allowed the people they c__n__u__r__d to become c__ti__e__s. The massive Roman army built r__a__s that connected Italian cities and villages. The army also provided an endless supply of m__n__o__er for Rome’s many wars.

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