Ancient India Project

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Ancient India Project

Select one of the assignments below. Please pay close attention to the guidelines as you will be graded on the requirements of the task. (The top three projects from each category will be placed in the hall-way, and will earn 3 points in extra –credit). Print a copy of the rubric on page three and attach it to your project. Write your name on the rubric.

1. Create a power point or windows movie maker presentation on either the social classes in India or on Hinduism or Buddhism. In your presentation be sure to:

- Make it visually pleasing

- include a soundtrack that is typical of the India culture

- Present 7- 10 slides

- slides must include relevant pictures and texts

- information/content and graphics must be correct and appropriate

- pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
2. Create a model of a pyramid which demonstrates the caste system of India. On each level place text and pictures of people who represent each group of people. Explain the role of each group of people. Your presentation must include:

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