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Ancient History Websites


Social Studies 7—Interactive Lessons

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery—Interactive Activities

The Children’s University of Manchester—Interactive Activities

Flocabulary—Ancient History Rap Songs

Horrible Histories—YouTube Channel

The Excavation Process: How We Dig—YouTube Video

Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia Coloring Pages

Forgotten Empires: Mesopotamian Kingdom by History Channel—YouTube Video

Ancient Mesopotamia Map—Interactive Map

Ancient Mesopotamia Map—Interactive Map

Ancient Mesopotamia Map—Interactive Map

Sumerian Artifacts

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

Egypt: Engineering an Empire—YouTube Video

Ancient Egypt Social Roles—Interactive Lesson

Ancient Egypt Map—Interactive Map

New Kingdom Trade Routes—Interactive Map

Explore Ancient Egypt—Interactive Lesson

Pyramid Builder—Interactive Game

Funky Mummy—Interactive Game

The Egyptians—Interactive Game

Ancient Egypt by The Children’s University of Manchester—Interactive Activities

Ancient Egpt: The Magic Lessons—Interactive Lessons

Rebuilding Ancient Egyptian Temples in 3D—Interactive Lessons

Egyptian Tomb Adventure—Interactive Game

Hieroglyphic Typewriter—Interactive Activity

Treasures of Tutankhamun Gallery—Gallery of Pictures

Color Me Egypt—Printable Coloring Pages

Make an Egyptian Wall Painting—Interactive Activity

Hierogenerator—Interactive Activity

Mummy Maker—Interactive Game

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient Hebrew Coloring Pages

Virtual Dreidel—Interactive Game

Southwest Asia Map—Interactive Map

Jewish Diaspora Map—Interactive Map

Ancient India

Ancient India Coloring Pages

India Physical Geography and Resources Map—Interactive Map

Marco Polo’s Journey—Interactive Lesson

Lost City of Mohenjodaro—Interactive Game

Ancient China

Ancient China Coloring Pages

China: Engineering an Empire—YouTube Video

Ancient China Map—Interactive Map

Great Wall of China Map—Interactive Lesson

Chinese Dynasty Timeline—Interactive Timeline

The British Museum—Early Imperial China—Interactive Exhibit

Yong’s China Quest Adventure Game—Interactive Game

Shang and Zhou Civilizations—Interactive Lesson

Dynastic Cycle—Interactive Lesson\

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Coloring Pages

Greece: Engineering an Empire—YouTube Video

Age of Alexander: Engineering an Empire—YouTube Video

Ancient Greece by The Children’s University of Manchester—Interactive Activities

BBC Primary History Ancient Greeks—Interactive Lessons, Activities, and Games

Greek Hero—Interactive Game

Greek Trade Map—Interactive Map

Greek City-States—Interactive Map

Adventures in Ancient Greece Game—Interactive Game

The Greek House—Interactive Lessson

Acropolis of Athens—Interactive Lesson

American Cities Greek Names—Interactive Map

Geography of Ancient Greece—Interactive Map

Build an Ancient Greek Farm—Interactive Activitiy

Empire of Alexander the Great Map—Interactive Map

Alexander the Great Empire Map—Interactive Map,%20323%20BCE

Timeline of Alexander the Great—Interactive Timeline

Ancient Romans

Ancient Rome Coloring Pages

Rome: Engineering an Empire—YouTube Video

BBC Primary History Romans—Interactive Lessons, Activities, and Games

Dig It Up The Romans—Interactive Game

Roman Empire at Its Height—Interactive Map

Rome—Interactive Lesson

Division of the Roman Empire—Interactive Map

Seven Hills of Rome—Interactive Map

Invasions into the Roman Empire—Interactive Map

Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire

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