Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt

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Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt

You will need:

  • Looseleaf Paper

  • Your Name and Today's Date

  • Neat Handwriting

  • Questions and Complete Answers

  • Beware: Some questions have several parts. Read carefully.

1. Here is a map of Ancient Greece. Take a minute to see where Athens and Sparta are located. After looking at the map, write the answers to these questions: 
a) Which city is located nearest to the sea? How might this affect it?
b) Which city is located farthest from the sea? How might this affect it?
c) Which city is most isolated? How might this affect it?
d) Which city is surrounded by other cities? How might this affect it?

Website for your use for the remainder of the scavenger hunt:

Click on Geography/Maps
2.      Why was it so hard to travel or walk around Greece?

Click on the Minoans
3.      What island did the Minoans live on?
4.      What was a popular Minoan sport?
Click the back button and click on and read Aesop's Fables
5.      Who was Aesop?
6.      How old are the Aesop fables?

Click the back button and click on and read Homer's Odyssey
7.      Who was Homer? What book did he write?

Click the back button and click on and read Greek Gods & Goddesses (Hint: Greek God’s are the first name)
8.      Who was the most powerful Greek God? What could he hurl?
9.      Who was the lord of the sea?
10.    What was CerberusWhat did he guard?

Go to the Greek Daily Life section. Click on the link Greek Women, and read the information about Greek women. Then, click on the link Greek Men, and read the information about Greek men. Answer the questions that follow.
11.  What were free Greek women expected to do?
12.  What were female slaves expected to do?
13.  What kind of rights did women have in ancient Greece?

Click the back button and click on and read about Clothing
14.  What materials were clothes usually made out of?

Go up and click on the Greek Men link. 
15.  What were common male activities?
16.  What kinds of things did ancient Greek men like to do in their free time?

Click on the School and Education (Education/School) link under Daily Life.
17.  How and what were boys taught in Athens?
18.  What were girls taught in Athens?
19.  Who were the perioikos in Sparta? What rights were they not allowed to have?

Click on the links for Hair Styles and Clothing to answer the following questions.
20.  Who did not wear beards?
21.  What hair color was rare in ancient Greece?
22.  What was a Petasos?
23.  When was the Petasos used?

Click on the link for Pets and Toys to answer the following questions.
24.  What kind of toys would Greek children play with?
25.  What animal was not a popular pet?


Ancient Greece Scavenger Hunt

Use these websites to help you find the answers to the questions:


1.) What are three games played by ancient Greeks at the Olympics?

2.) What are three games played by modern people at the Olympics?

3.) What are the three types of columns used by people in Ancient Greece?

4.) What are three famous places in American buildings where you can find columns?

5.) Which city in Ancient Greece was the first city to have a democratic government?

6.) When did this city first develop democracy?

7.) What are three countries that exist today that have democratic governments?

8.) What are the names of two different Greek Myths?

9.) One place we see Greek Myths today is in the movies. Can you name a movie based on a Greek myth?

10.) What is the most important way that Greece influenced America? Why? (Hint: There is no wrong answer.)

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