Ancient Greece Persian Wars 52-Analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Persian Wars

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Ancient Greece

Persian Wars

6.52-Analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Persian Wars.
The Persian Wars were a series of wars fought between the Persians and the Greeks from 492 BC to 449 BC.
Who were the Persians?

The Persian Empire was the largest and most powerful empire in the world at the time of the Persian Wars. They controlled land that stretched from Egypt all the way to India.

Map of the Persian Empire

Who were the Greeks?

The Greeks were made up of a number of city-states such as Sparta and Athens. Typically these city-states fought each other, but they united to fight against the Persians.


The Ionians were Greeks that lived along the coast of Turkey. They were conquered by the Persians. When the Ionians decided to revolt they asked Athens and other Greek cities for help. The other Greek cities sent ships and weapons, but were quickly defeated. The Persians didn't like this and decided to conquer the rest of the Greek cities in order to keep them under control.

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