Ancient greece enquiry Grid 3: What were the lives of boys and girls like in ancient Greece?

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Enquiry Grid 3:

What were the lives of boys and girls like

in ancient Greece?
Chapter/s and section/s used:

Daily Life and Sparta chapters

Individual project:

Each child will need to spend some time looking at the Daily Life Story and Challenge (the Explore also contains some relevant information) and the Sparta Challenge (the Story also touches on relevant details). They could make some notes about children’s lives from these. Each child then needs to choose either Spartan OR Athenian girls and either Spartan OR Athenian boys to focus on in the activity. Children could perhaps pair-up to cover the four options. They can then complete the enquiry grid below. They will need another piece of paper to complete the activity (see bottom of the enquiry grid).
Class project:

Photocopy the worksheet below onto both sides of an A4 sheet and give each child a copy. Then, in small groups of four, each child focuses on one of the four options mentioned above, filling in one column of the worksheet as appropriate. They can then come together as a group to share what they have found out, with each child filling in the other columns of the worksheet as necessary. They then identify and discuss the similarities and differences between the lives of their chosen groups.

Extension work:

Children could produce their own timeline for a chosen individual, following the format of the Daily Life Story and showing the key events of their childhood and adulthood.
Background Information:

You may find the following Background Information sheets found on useful for this activity:

Education Music

Women, Children and Slaves Spartan Life


[Choose either Spartan OR Athenian]


[Choose either Spartan OR Athenian]

Did they go to school?

What subjects were they taught at school?

What sort of clothes did they wear?

What toys did they have to play with?

At about what age were they expected to marry?

Once married, what sort of work would they have done?

Now, for both a girl and boy from your two chosen groups above, write a diary entry for a typical day in their childhood, showing what sort of things they would have done. Use the Daily Life and Sparta chapters of the website to help you.

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