Ancient Greece Assembly

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Ancient Greece Assembly.

Narrator 1: Welcome to Class ____’s Assembly.

Narrator 2: We have been looking at Ancient Greece.
Narrator 3: First of all we looked at the history of Greece.
Narrator 1: There were 2 mighty city states in Greece.
Narrator 2: One was Athens.
(Athenian 1, Athenian 2, Athenian 3, Athenian 4 , Athenian 5, Athenian 6 and Athenian 7enter)
Athenian 1: We're Athenians. We like art.
Athenian 5: And poetry.
Athenian 4: and plays.
Athenian 3: And music.
Athenian 7: We also believe in democracy.
Children: What's democracy?.
Narrator 3: Democracy is a fancy word for a government that people get to vote for.
Children: well, that sounds nice.
Athenian 1: So put your hands up if you would like a democracy.
(Everyone puts their hands up.)
Athenian 4: Well, I think that worked.
Narrator 1: And democracy is the form of government we have today.
Narrator 2: Almost.
Narrator 3: And the other mighty city state in Greece was Sparta.
(Spartan 1, Spartan 2, Spartan 3, Spartan 4, Spartan 5 and Spartan 6 enter).
Spartan 1: We're Spartans. We like killing people.
(There is a pause)
Narrator 1: And what else?
(Spartans think about it for a bit).
Spartan 1: Well, that's about it really. We only like killing.
Spartan 2: Oh, we also like going abroad and meeting people.
Narrator 2: That's nice. What do you do when you meet other people?
Spartan 1: We kill them.
Athenian 7: But what about art and music?
Spartans: Oh yuck.
Athenian 1: And democracy? Do you have democracy?
Spartan 3: Democracy! Oh course not. We have a king, in fact we have two kings! Our most famous king was King Leonidas!
Spartans: Hooray for King Leonidas!
Narrator 3: The Spartans and the Athenians did not like each other.
(The Spartans and Athenians put their thumbs to their noses and blow raspberries at each other).
Narrator 1: And there would probably have been a war if the Persians hadn't invaded.
(Darius and Persians enter).
Darius: Hi. I'm King Darius and I've decided to invade your country. It'll look nice in my Empire.
Persian : Darius collects countries and yours looks really pretty.
Narrator 2: So the Athenians and the Spartans forgot their differences and joined together to fight the invaders.
Athenian 1: Come on, Athenians, let’s get them!!!
Narrator 3: The Athenians defeated the Persians at the battle of Marathon.
Athenians: (chanting) one-nil, one-nil, one-nil, one-nil.
Darius: I'll be back.
Narrator 1: And the next year he was.
Narrator 2: With an even bigger army.
Narrator 3: The Spartans rushed to fight the Persians.
Spartan 1: Yippie. A fight.
Spartan 2: Let's get them before the Athenians this time.
Narrator 1: They meet at a place called Thermopylae.
Spartan 3: Okay so there are 300 of us and thousands of them. The odds don't look too good.
(Priestess 1 and Priestess 2 enter).
Priestess 2: We are the Priestesses of Sparta. We can foresee the future.
Priestess 1: There can be no greater glory for a Spartan then to die in battle. Go and get them boys.
Priestess 2 and Priestess 1: You can beat them!
(The Spartans cheer)
Narrator 1: All 300 were killed.
(The Spartans fall to the ground going argggh).
Priestess 1: Then again, we could be wrong.
(Priestess 1 and Priestess 2 exit)
Narrator 2: But the Spartans had not died in vain.
Narrator 3: They had delayed the Persians long enough for the Athenians to get their army together.
Narrator 1: They defeated the Persians at the battle of Salamis.
Narrator 2: The Athenians and the Spartans celebrated.
(The Spartans stand up and join the Athenians cheering)
Darius: I said I’d be back!! I didn't say I'd win.
Athenian 1: Now where were we before the Persians invaded?
Spartan 1: Oh yes.
(The Athenians and the Spartans put their thumbs to their noses again and blow raspberries).
Narrator 3: It wasn't long before the two great cities were at war.
(Referee enters and blows a whistle.)
Narrator 1: Evening and welcome to Match of the Day. Today’s big fixture is the big Greek derby between the two big cities: Athens and Sparta.
Narrator 2: Thanks Gary. And here's the referee to get the big match off to a flying start.
(Spartan 1 and Athenian 1 stand with Referee in the middle. They talk, and then Referee lets a coin drop to the floor. He points at Athenian 2).
Narrator 3: And it looks like The Athenians have had good luck at the beginning.
(Referee blows whistle and steps back. Spartan 1 kills him with a sword).
Narrator 1: And the ref's been killed! That's the first time I've seen that happen in a long time.
Narrator 2: Although it almost happened at the Man u v Arsenal match a few weeks ago if someone hadn’t held the managers back.
Narrator 3: And the match has begun.
(As the commentary goes on the Athenians and Spartans "fight").
Narrator 1; And Athens score.
Narrator 2: Then Sparta.
Narrator 3: Then Athens
(Only Athenian 1 and Spartan 1 are left).
Narrator 1: The two teams are evenly matched.
(Spartan 1 puts his hand up).
Narrator 2: But Sparta is bringing on their substitutes to help them.
Narrator 3: Who are the Spartan subs?
Persians: It's us. The Persians!!!
Narrator 1: Well that's a turn up for the books! The Spartans have asked the Persians back to defeat the Athenians.
(Athenian 1 falls to the floor.)
Narrator 2: And it looks like it's worked because the Spartans have won.
(Everybody exits).
Narrator 3: But the truth is neither side really won.
Narrator 1: Athens was in ruins.
Narrator 2: And Sparta spent so much on the war and paying to get rid of the Persians, that they were now poor.
Narrator 3: And the Golden Age of Greece was now over.
Narrator 1: But they left behind lots of stories for us to enjoy.
Narrator 2: And one story is the story of the Trojan Horse.
(Homer Simpsonenters. )
Narrator 3: It was written by a man called Homer.
Homer Simpson: Bart! Get me some more Duff beer.
Narrator 1: No. Not Homer Simpson. (Homer Simpson exits.) He lived thousands of years ago and his name was just Homer.
(Real Homer enters.)
Narrator 2 : He was a slave who was blind.
Homer : How am I supposed to write this down if I'm blind?
Narrator 3: You didn't write it down. You learnt it all by heart.
Homer : I must have a good memory then.
Narrator 1: People did in those days.
(Homer exits).
Narrator 2: The Greeks had been fighting the Trojans for ten years.
(Two Greeks enter).
Greek 1: We're Greeks and we're bored of fighting. We want to go home.
Greek 2: I know but we can't get into the city of Troy and until we do we're stuck here.
Greek 1: Hang about. That gives me an idea.
(They exit.)
Narrator 3: One morning the Trojans woke up to find all the Greeks had gone.
(Three Trojans enter)
Trojan 1: Hey. Where did the Greeks go?
Trojan 2: They just left without saying goodbye? That's a bit rude.
(They all look up)
Trojan 1: Hello what's this then?
Trojan 2: It's a huge Wooden Horse.
Trojan 3: What's it doing here?
Trojan l: I think the Greeks left it.
Trojan 2: Well, that's kind. Still could have said goodbye though.
Trojan 3; Well, it was nice of them to leave a prezzie.
Trojan 2: Yes but its huge. Not exactly going to fit on the mantelpiece, is it?
Trojan 1: True. We could put it in the centre of the city. It would look nice there.
Trojan 3: Oh yeah. It's on wheels so that'll help.
Narrator 1: So they dragged the horse into the city centre.
Narrator 2: But that night while everyone was asleep.
Narrator 3: A door opened in the bottom of the Wooden Horse.
Narrator 1; And out came the Greek soldiers who attacked the city.
Trojan 2: Talk about a load of cheats.
(The 2 Greeks enter)
Greek 2: Well done. That Wooden Horse was a great idea.
Greek 1: Yes. I still think my original idea of a Wooden Chicken would have looked nicer though.
Narrator 2: The Greeks burnt all the houses to the ground.
Trojan 2; Blast! I'd just redecorated the bathroom. That was a waste of time.
Narrator 3: And that was the end of the Trojans.
(Spartan 4 and Athenian 3 stand up)
Spartan 4: And that is also the end of our Assembly.
Athenian 3: We hope you enjoyed it.

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