Ancient Greece & Rome Study Guide Name: Review Sessions: test date: In order to get bonus points on your test, you must complete all questions!

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Ancient Greece & Rome Study Guide

Name: __________________________________________Review Sessions: ________________________________________TEST DATE: _______
In order to get bonus points on your test, you must complete ALL questions!
Ancient Greece

  1. Know your Greece Map!! Describe the GEOGRAPHY of Ancient Greece. How did the geography of Greece impact the political situation of the ancient Greek city-states?

  1. Early Greek Settlers:


Year Founded

Major Characteristics



  1. Features of the City-State:

    1. What is a polis? What did the Greek polis include?

    1. What is an acropolis?

  1. Different Forms of Government:

Form of Government

Who Rules?

Major Characteristics




Direct Democracy

  1. Athens v. Sparta – HOPEFULLY you know this by now!! Identify key differences:

  1. Unity and Division – What characteristics unified Greek city-states? What divided them?

  1. Persian War, Peloponnesian War – CAUSES, OPPONENTS, OUTCOMES:







  1. The Golden Age of Athens:

    1. What sparked the Golden Age of Athens?

    1. Who was Pericles and what were his 3 goals for Athens?

    1. What are the characteristics of Greek art and architecture?

  1. Philosophers: Describe the main beliefs of each of the following:

    1. Socrates:

    1. Plato:

    1. Aristotle:

  1. Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture:

    1. Macedonia:

      1. Where was it?

      1. Who was Philip II & what were his primary goals/accomplishments?

    1. Alexander the Great:

      1. Who was Alexander the Great and what were his primary accomplishments?

      1. What was the extent of Alexander’s empire?

    1. Hellenistic Culture:

      1. Which cultures influenced Hellenistic culture?

      1. What was the significance of Alexandria, Egypt?

Ancient Rome

  1. The Early Peoples of Rome – how did the Etruscans influence life on the Italian Peninsula?

  1. What is the definition of a republic?

  1. Describe the TWO MAIN social groups of the Roman Republic. What was the primary difference between the two groups?

  1. Describe the structure of Roman Republic (i.e. Consuls, Senate, Dictator)

  1. What is a Tribune? Why was it established?

  1. Who was Julius Caesar and what were his reforms?  What brought about the end of the Republic?

  1. The First and Second Triumvirates (group of 3 leaders) – What is a triumvirate? Who was in each one?

  1. Identify: Octavian/Augustus  beginning of Empire…

  1. What was the Pax Romana?

  1. Greco-Roman Culture:

    1. What was the purpose of aqueducts?

    1. What was the purpose of the Pantheon?

    1. Which languages are considered Romance Languages?

    1. How has Roman Culture influenced our modern culture?

  1. Christianity:

    1. Basic Information & Beliefs

    1. Who did Christianity initially appeal to? Why?

    1. How did the Roman Emperors feel about the development of Christianity? Why?

  1. The Fall of Rome: Describe the main reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire:

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